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How to prepare for CLAT 2022

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an all-India entrance examination, conducted on rotation by 22 National Law Universities (NLU) for admission into their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

CLAT 2022 Exam Pattern

  • There are five broad areas in the exam. English language section covers 28-32 questions, or about 20% of the paper, Current Affairs, including General Knowledge, has 35-39 questions, or about 25% of the paper weight.
  • While the legal reasoning section covers 35-39 questions, which is approximately 25% of the paper, and the logical reasoning section contains 28-32 questions, which is approximately 20% of the paper. Quantitative techniques include 13-17 questions, or about 10% of the exam.
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  • Taking into account the changes introduced by the CLAT in the last two years, some candidates may mistakenly interpret the reduction in the number of questions from 200 to 150 as totally in their favor.
  • Looking at last year’s trend, the exam is going to be long with a series of paragraph based questions in almost all 5 sections. Even GK questions would require the candidate to read a paragraph before arriving at an answer.
  • This change may be based on the job profile applicants would get after passing law school. Therefore, this exam requires a good combination of speed and accuracy.
  • Answering 150 questions in 120 minutes with a negative mark of 0.25 points for each wrong answer becomes very difficult. This test is definitely about making informed decisions instead of wild guesses.
  • According to the sample paper published by the CLAT authorities, the English section may be full of passages with many critical questions based on reasoning. So you have to practice at least 2-3 passages a day and work a lot on hypotheses, inferences, conclusion type questions.
  • These are clearly skill-based questions and applicants need to practice a lot of questions to achieve a good level of accuracy.
  • General knowledge and current affairs can only be adequately covered if the student has spent time with newspapers and magazines. GK capsules and ppts on current events are really helpful for students and keep their interest in this particular area during preparation.
  • This section can especially help students to collect a lot of grades in a very short time. If one knows an answer, it is only the tension of a muscle necessary to mark the correct answer. So be thorough with current issues from the last six months at least and check out some static GKs as well.
  • The quantitative techniques section is relatively easier and it may not be too difficult to answer all 15 or 16 questions correctly. It is the legal reasoning and logical reasoning sections that require extensive preparation, as these are relatively new areas for most students.
  • The Legal Reasoning section is expected to contain facts and principles integrated into a single passage. Be thorough with constitutional laws, legal maxims, contracts, non-contractual responsibilities, etc. it may require hard work.
  • For logical reasoning, you must go through questions based on critical reasoning, arrangements, riddles, blood relations, syllogism, analogies, series, encoding-decoding, cause and action, etc. It takes a lot of practice to develop the ability to solve these types. of questions

Preparation tips for CLAT 2022

  1. There are five main areas on the exam. Here, time management becomes the most crucial element. When you practice a mock test, check your improvement on the results of the tests you take and take corrective action. Learn from your mistakes and keep dispelling your doubts.
  2. All applicants are in the same boat, so there is no need to rejoice if the role is easy and no need to be sad if the role is difficult. The cutoffs are greater if the paper is hard and vice versa. So another rule of thumb is to have no preconceived ideas.
  3. The Quantitative Techniques section can turn out to be a blessing in disguise, because with basic mathematical knowledge, one can easily attempt all 13-17 questions and pass them all.
  4. Answer questions that you are sure of and leave questions that are beyond your ability. Cleverly eliminate options and choose the best one from the given options. As time management is very important in the exam, students need to take 10-12 mock exams to get familiar with the real exam. The next step is to analyze the exercise and identify strengths and weaknesses.

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How to prepare for CLAT 2022
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How to prepare for CLAT 2022
The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an all-India entrance examination, conducted on rotation by 22 National Law Universities (NLU) for admission into their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.