20th February 2024

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Most Popular Programs intake |Bachelor|  Feb, Apr, Jun,Aug, Oct,Nov depends on program 

  • Bachelor of Arts- Art and Design
  • Bachelor of Arts – Photography
  • Bachelor of Science- Business Management
  • Bachelor of Science – Marketing with International Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of science – Marketing with aviation and Airport Management
  • Bachelor of science – International Tourism with Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Law – Law with Financial Management
  • Bachelor of science-Business Management

Most Popular Programs intake  | Master| Feb, Apr, Jun,Aug, Oct,Nov depends on program

  • Master of Science – Accounting and Business Finance
  • Master of Business Administration –Finance
  • Master of science- Biotechnology with Data Analytics
  • Master of science-computer
  • Master of Science – Computer science with Placement
  • Master of Science – Biomedical Engineering
  • Masters of Law- International Law

Most Popular Programs |Bachelors| for September Intake

  • Bachelor of Arts – Business Management
  • Bachelor of Arts – History
  • Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Science
  • Bachelor of Science – computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science – Criminology and Sociology
  • Bachelor of Science – Neuroscience
  • Bachelor of Arts – Sociology

Most Popular Programs | Masters| for September Intake

  • Master of Science – Forensic Science
  • Master of Science – Sport and Exercise Science
  • Master of Arts –  Accounting and Financial Management
  • Master of Arts – Animation
  • Master of Science – Applied
  • Master of Science – Applied Public Health
  • Master of Science – Clinical Research
  • Master of Science – Food Safety Management
  • Master of Science – Human Resource Management


Country: Slovenia

Intake: Fall 2021



Duration - 3 Year

Tuition Fee - 3500 Euro/Year


Duration - 2 Year

Tuition Fee - 3500 Euro/Year


55 % in previous studies

IELTS 5.5 ( from British Council)   

Application Fee : 200 Euro

Most Popular Programs
| September Intake |

Master of Science – Advanced Computer Science

Master of Science – Business Analytics

Master of Science – Business with Hospitality & Tourism Management

Master of Science – Human Resource Management

Master of Arts – Creative Writing

Master of Arts- Design Management

Master of Science – Global Logistics, Operations & Supply chain Management

Master of Science – International Finance and

Master of Science – Mechanical Engineering



deadline: July 31

  1. MSc Aviation Transport (2 years) -and (3 years)-€3,900 per year
  2. MSc Business Finance(2 years)- €2,800 per year
  3. MSc Business Informatics(2 years)- €3,800 per year
  4. MSc Chemistry and Chemical Technology(2 years)- €3,900 per year
  5. MSc Civil Construction and Real Estate Management (1.5 years) and (2.5 years)-€2,670 per year
  6. MSc Civil Engineering (1 year)-€4,190 per year
  7. MSc Computer Systems- €3,800 per year
  8. MSc Cybersecurity Engineering- €3,800 per year
  9. MSc Engineering Technology, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering(2 years)- €3,900 per year

deadline: July 31

  •  BSc Aviation Transport(4 years)-  €2,970 per year
  •  BSc Chemical Technology(4 years)- €3,080 per year
  •  BSc Computer Systems(3 years)- €3,500 per year
  •  Bs Economics(3 years)- €2,600 per year
  •  BSc Engineering Technology, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering(3 years)-€2,970 per year
  • BSc Entrepreneurship and Management(3 years)- €3,040 per year
  •  BSc Smart Electronic Systems(4 years)-€2,970 per year
  •  BSc Telecommunications(3 years)-€2,970 per year
  • BSc. Environmental Engineering – €3,080 per year
  • BSc. Medical Engineering and Physics -€2,970 per year

Technical University of Kosice  

|Slovakia| Sept 2021 Intake


Bachelors in Mechatronics

Bachelors in Automobile/Automotive production

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor in Protetics and Ortotics

Bachelors in Management of Finance banking, Investment

Bachelors in Economics and Management of Public Administration

Bachelors in Electrical Power Engineering

Bachelors in Informatics

Bachelors in Automotive Electronics

Bachelors in Automated Electrical System

Bachelors in Manufacturing Management

Bachelors in Computer aided Manufacturing Technologies

Bachelors in Automotive production Technologies

Bachelor in Air Transport Management

Bachelor in Pilot

Bachelor Air Traffic Control

Bachelor in Aerospace Technology

Bachelors in Metallurgy, Materials and Recycling

Bachelors in Environmental chemistry


Masters in Mechatronics

Masters in Automobile/Automotive production

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Masters in Industrial automation

Masters in Biomedical engineering

Masters in Management of Finance banking, Investment

Masters in Economics and Management of Public Administration

Masters in Electrical Power Engineering

Masters in Automated Electrical System

Masters in Automotive Electronics

Masters in Informatics

Masters in Manufacturing Management

Masters in Computer aided Manufacturing Technologies

Masters in Automotive production Technologies

Master in Air Transport Management

Master in Aerospace Engineering



INTAKE: Fall  2021


Tourism and Hospitality Management

Business Administration

Management of International Communication

Business Logistics Management

International Finance Management

Computer Systems


Tourism Strategic Management

Business Administration

Business Psychology and Human Resource Management in Entrepreneurship


  • BSC Informatics
  • BSc Aviation Engineering
  • BSc Chemical Technology and Engineering
  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • Architecture (Integrated studies; Master's degree)
  • Bsc
  • Bsc Business Digitalization Management
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Mechatronics
  • BSc Intelligent Robotics Systems
  • BSc Vehicle Engineering
  • BSc New Media Language
  • BSc Material Physics and Nanotechnology
  • BSc Communication Studies and Information Management Technologies
  • BSc Public Governance
  • BSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • BSc Food Science and Technology
  • BSc Renewable Energy Engineering


  • MSc Architecture
  • MSc Accounting and Auditing
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc Informatics
  • MSc Aeronautical Engineering
  • MSc Biomedical Engineering
  • MSc Chemical Engineering
  • MSc Control Technologies
  • MSc Sustainable Management and Production
  • MSc Electronics Engineering
  • MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Industrial Biotechnology
  • MSc Industrial Engineering and Management
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Mechatronics
  • MSc Public Policy And Security
  • MSc Structural and Building Products Engineering
  • MSc Vehicle Engineering
  • MSc Textile and Clothing Technology
  • MSc Medical Physics
  • MSc Materials Physics
  • MSc Energy Technologies and Economics
  • MSc Food Science and Safety
  • Msc Applied Chemistry

International Business School

Country: Hungary

Intake: Fall 2021

Programs Available:

Master of Science in Civil Engineering---1.5 Years---4000 Euros/Year
Master of Science in Environmental Engineering---1.5 Years---4000 Euros /Year
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, specialization: International Design Engineer---1.5 Years---4200 Euros/Year
Master of Science in Green Technologies and Monitoring---1.5 Years---4000 Euros /Year
Master of Science in Ocean Engineering---2 Years---4000 Euros /Year
Master of Science in Architecture---1.5 Years ---3000 Euros / Year

Most Popular Bachelor Programs

|September intake|

  • Bachelor Of Science (Honours) – Applied computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Biomedical science
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Artificial intelligence
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)-Business and event Management with Foundation Year
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)-Business and human Resource Management with Foundation year
  • Bachelor of science (Honours)- Business and Tourism Management with foundation year
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Criminology and sociology
  • Bachelors OF Law (Honours) – Law
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Psychology with clinical Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship (Adult Nursing)

Most Popular Master Programs

|September intake|

  • Master of Science – clinical nursing

  • Master of Science – Accounting and Finance

  • Master of Law – Advanced Legal Practice

  • Master of Science – Advanced Midwifery Practice

  • Master of Science – Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

  • Master of Science –  Construction and civil Engineering

  • Master of Arts – criminology

  • Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

  • Master of Arts – Film and Television Production

    Many More……..

Brunel University London is a public research university located in the Uxbridge area of London, England

United Kingdom. is ranked 368 in QS Global World Rankings 2021.

Brunel ranked tworld's top 300 in 11 subjects, including Business and Management Studies, Engineering – Electrical and Electronic, and Engineering – Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing.

Most Popular UG Programs 

| September intake |

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics and statistics with Management
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics with computer science
  • Bachelor of Law (Honours ) in Criminal justice
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours ) Economics and Business Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Education
  • Many More…..

Most Popular PG Programs 

| September intake |

  • Master of Science – Accounting and Business Management
  • Master of science- Advanced clinical practice (cardiovascular Health)
  • Master of Science – Advanced Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Master of science- Artificial Intelligence
  • Master of Arts – Design and Branding Strategy
  • Master of Law – International Financial Regulation and corporate Law
  • Master of science- Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Master of Arts – Social Work
  • Many More….