18th July 2024

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‘Desh ke Mentors’ Program

Delhi Government Launches ‘Desh ke Mentors’ Program to provide Career Guidance to students. Mentors will take 10 minutes each week to guide students over the phone. Interested citizens can adopt between one and ten children studying in the city’s public schools as part of the initiative.

The Delhi government launched its “Desh ke Mentors” program to be implemented in all of its schools, with the aim of providing students in class IX and XII with young mentors who can guide them in navigating their higher education and of his professional career.

  • Individuals aged 18-35 can sign up to become mentors through an app created by a team from Delhi University of Technology and will connect with students based on mutual interests.
  • The program will last at least two months and can continue for an additional four months as an option. A mentor will be assigned between two and five students.
  • Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is the brand ambassador for Delhi government’s “Desh ke Mentor” programme.
  • Speaking at the launch, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, When a child enters adolescence around the ninth standard, there are two types of needs most important to the child.
  • First, their emotional and psychological needs… We want these children to receive a helping hand and guidance without judgment. Someone the child can talk to without inhibitions and be at peace… I’m sure this program will have registered mentors from all over the country. Children will not only be supervised by locals from Delhi.
  • We have developed an application where anyone from all over the country can join this revolution. All they have to do is give the child 10 to 15 minutes a day over a phone call.
  • The second need is that starting in the ninth grade, students have no idea what to do in life. His presentation is not very broad, the same was the case with me. He didn’t know much about the breadth of the various fields. The “Desh Ke Mentors” will be able to guide and advise the children correctly.
  • Third, children expect the mentor to help them acquire a value system, make them better humans, better citizens. There are currently around 9 lakh of children in grades IX-XII in public schools. “It is difficult for students in grades 9-12 to decide what to follow.
  • Meanwhile, if someone takes you by the hand without judging and imposing your dreams on you, it will translate into better decision-making for the future professionals that we will train. If someone wants to be admitted to the police, there must be someone to guide him and inform him of the process and the search for him as a mentor.
  • If parents don’t know how to help their child choose a career, there should be a mentor to guide and help students make the right choice. This is often problematic in Indian households, where professions are chosen by generational models and often restricts the child in pursuit of her interests.
  • The mentor’s job is to provide help, advice and ideas, and the child’s responsibility is to do hard work, smart work, and consistent effort and talent, ”said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

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'Desh ke Mentors' Program
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'Desh ke Mentors' Program
Delhi Government's 'Desh ke Mentors' Program to provide Career Guidance to students.