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One Word Substitution (Set-1)


Welcome to your One Word Substitution (Set-1)

1. A life story of a person written by another person

2. Allowance due to a wife from her husband on legal separation

3. One who likes to spend time with others

4. Through which light cannot pass

5. Fears of open space

6. To free a person from charge or blame

7. Government by priests or government which has its state religion

8. Fear of closed space

9. A disease which spreads by contact

10. To give one's authority to others

11. That which cannot be cured

12. An uncivilised person is called

13. The art of shooting arrow is

14. Those who live in trees are

15. A large spoon used for serving food is

16. The part between the neck and the abdomen is

17. One who is disloyal to one's country is

18. The study and science of speech sounds is

19. The scientific study of weather condition is

20. The right to make or sell a new invention is

21. Having a small, especially a pleasant one is

22. A young person in a professional job with a high income

23. One who has magic powers is

24. Leaving a meeting as an expression of disapproval is:

25. A legal case being considered in court is known as

26. Of the sense of touch is:

27. A man-made underground passage is known as:

28. The art of cutting trees into decorative shapes

29. Something that prevents an agreement

30. Rough treatment of a person in order to obtain information

31. An animal that is hunted and eaten by another

32. Done while sitting down is

33. A line of stitches joining two pieces of cloth, leather, etc is .......

34. Something that sticks out from a surface

35. A sudden secretly planned attempt to remove a government of force is

36. A severe deserved punishment is

37. One who travels around a lot and has no fixed address or responsibilities is

38. An oily substance for putting on a cut, wound, etc., is

39. A great norm of art is

40. Everlasting punishment after death is

41. A string of beads used for counting prayers

42. Respected because of age or long use

43. The system of putting plants and animals into various classes

44. A court of people officially appointed to deal with special matters

45. The personal possessions that a woman brings when she marries

46. A short account giving the main points

47. The subject of a talk, piece of writing etc.

48. Money paid by the government to make price lower

49. One who does something first

50. A shortened form of a piece of writing


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