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CLAT 2022 | Last hour Tips to crack the exam for Law Entrance

The (CLAT) will take place on June 19, 2022. Applicants should use their time wisely and, as time is limited, they should be asked to Take various mock exams online for practice and deeper study of each subject. Students should focus on reviewing what they have already covered rather than studying additional topics.

  • CLAT-UG will have 150 questions of 150 points, while CLAT- will have 120 questions of 120 points, each correct question will have one point and 0.25 will be deducted for each incorrect answer. Both exams will be done in offline mode and the duration will be two hours for both exams.
  • The CLAT-UG syllabus will consist of five sections: English Language (20% weighting) – Emphasis on important topics such as reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary sentence sequence arrangement, sentence replacement, synonyms and antonyms, verb, tenses, spotting errors, active and passive voices.
  • Current Affairs, including GK (25% weight): The following topics are essential in Current Affairs: The latest current events of national and international importance, Government programs, Science and technology, Summits and conferences, Foreign affairs, Arts and culture , awards and honors , Sports, Science and Technology.
  • Legal reasoning (25% weighting) – Focus on certain essential topics such as – Important decisions of the Supreme Court, as well as important and recent laws and amendments to the Constitution, important topics of contract law, statutory criminal law, tort law and constitutional law . GK Legal and Current Affairs, International Treaties
  • Logical Reasoning (20% Weighting): Some important segments are analogies, series, seating arrangements, syllogisms, blood relations, logical sequences of cause and effect.
  • Quantitative Techniques (10% weighting) – Quant focuses on probability, permutation and combination, average and percentage, ratio and proportion, time and work, time, distance and speed, fractions, and equations.

The CLAT-LLM program will have five sections:

  1. Constitutional law, jurisprudence, administrative law
  2. Contract law, tort law, family law, criminal law
  3. Property law, company law
  4. Public international law, tax law
  5. Environmental law, labor law and industrial law

Last minute tips to get great scores on the CLAT exams:

  • Improve your reading skills – You need to focus on a well thought out approach to proofing the document. Never try three of the longest sections at the same time. is better to choose a smaller area in the middle of the exam. For example, students might follow this sequence: English, Gk, Legal, Quantum, and Logic.
  • Plan B – A student should also have a backup plan. When the student receives the questionnaire, she should spend 5-10 minutes evaluating it and modifying the plan if necessary.
  • Practice more mock exams: Applicants should start taking mock exams to better understand the structure of the document that will help them manage their time. Check out CLAT articles from last year to get an idea of ​​the complexity of the issues.
  • Focus on your weaknesses: Selective study is essential to success in any competition. Emphasis should be placed on the areas that students have spent a lot of time preparing for in the last few months, not the ones that they cannot fully prepare for in the last few days. Instead of looking for other sources at the last minute, go through all your mock exams, tests and try to improve your weaknesses.
  • Speed ​​and Accuracy – Since there is a negative markup, the focus should not only be on speed but also accuracy. Both are crucial to breaking the paper.

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CLAT 2022 | Last hour Tips to crack the exam for Law Entrance
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CLAT 2022 | Last hour Tips to crack the exam for Law Entrance
The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) will take place on June 19, 2022. Applicants should use their time wisely and, as time is limited.

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