What is Plasma therapy?

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has allowed the trial of treatment of COVID-19 infected patients with blood plasma therapy. ICMR has invited various organizations to participate in this clinical trial.

Plasma therapy can be considered 120 years old and many diseases have been treated with this method. 120 years ago, the German scientist Emil van Behring treated tetanus and diphtheria with the plasma method and named the plasma active substance ‘antibodies’. Since then plasma therapy has also been used to treat MERS and SARS, similar to Rabies, Ebola, and the COVID-19.

What is Plasma therapy?

  • This treatment system works on the assumption that patients who recover from an infection develop resistant antibodies that neutralize the infection in their body. After this, the antibodies present in the body of the new patient are eliminated by putting the blood of the old cured patient in the blood of new patients.
  • In fact, when a virus attacks a person, their body’s immune system develops proteins called antibodies to fight infection. If an infected person develops a sufficient amount of antibodies, he can recover from diseases caused by the virus.The idea behind Plasma therapy is that such disease resistance capacity can be transferred from a healthy person to a person’s body through blood plasma therapy.

What is Plasma?

  • Plasma refers to the liquid portion of blood taken from a person who has been cured of a COVID-19 infection. The blood rich in antibodies of the cured people will be used to cure the sick people in this therapy. As we know our blood has four components namely red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.
  • Plasma (antibodies) can be taken from a patient’s body 14 days after its recovery and the corona test of that patient will be done not once, but twice. Not only this, the Eliza test of the cured patient will also be done to find out the amount of antibodies in his body. Apart from this, the person giving plasma is thoroughly tested to see if he has any other disease.
  • In this technique, blood will be extracted from the body of the cured patient by the Aspiration method. In this method only the ingredients like plasma or platelets are removed from the blood and the rest of the blood is put back into the donor’s body again.
  • Actually 800 ml plasma can be taken from a person’s blood. At the same time, about 200 ml of plasma can be plated to inject antibodies into the coronary sick body. In this way, plasma of a cured person can be helpful in the treatment of 4 people.

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