UPSC CDS (II) 2021 | Two-week preparation plan

Preparation for UPSC CDS 2 2021 is not complete without enough practice. Follow these tips to get a high score on the exam.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will conduct the Combined Defense Service (II) Exam on November 14, 2021. The committee has already posted the UPSC CDS 2 2021 admission card on the official website: With nearly two weeks to go to the exam, having a solid plan to enrich the final stage of preparation is critical. Therefore, to make the most of this remaining time, here is a two-week preparation plan that applicants can follow to complete and review the CDS program.


  • The questions in the “Common Errors” section mainly assess the candidate’s in-depth knowledge of English grammar. To pass this section, the habit of reading must be instilled with lots of practice. Spend at least two hours a day reviewing and answering these questions.
  • For understanding, experts suggest dedicating at least three hours a day. The best source for practicing comprehension is the questions from the previous year. In addition to this, it is recommended to read the editorial columns of a newspaper.
  • Find at least 10-15 new words for synonyms and antonyms. Know a minimum of three synonyms and antonyms for each new word. Good resources for learning new words would be diaries or compilation books. However, don’t forget to review the oldest words.

General Knowledge

  • Today, according to experts, is a very dynamic section. Covers a plethora of national, international, science and technology topics, etc. After CA, candidates generally attach importance to economics. In this section, focus more on macroeconomic factors such as taxes, inflation, unemployment, taxes, etc.
  • Modern history and politics are very important sections that require special care. For the Modern History part, put special emphasis on Indian national movements, as many questions are asked in this part. So, check out Bipan Chandra’s book in depth.
  • While studying geography, carefully review the name and location of the straits, the land cover of the country, etc., as the questions in these sections are asked frequently. Similarly, while studying Indian geography, carefully write the names mountain passes, rivers, etc.


  • According to experts in the field, measurement is a very important topic in the math article. Therefore, it is advisable to pay special attention to the 3D part of the measurement that covers the spheres, hemisphere, cylinder, cone, etc. Try to remember the formulas, as most questions on the test are based on formulas.
  • In the trigonometry section, start with the angles first, then move on to the height and distance. After that, if you feel like you should go over the part about trigonometric identities, then you can. It also remembers formulas, applications, etc.
  • In the time remaining for the CDS 2 exam, certain subjects can be completed because they cover most questions. These are the decimal fraction, square root and cube roots, time and work, simple interest, quadratic equation, height and distance, measurement, 2D and 3D. Experts believe that these topics can be completed in five days.

The UPSC CDS 2 2021 answer key will be posted once the exam is completed. Applicants can first review the responses and calculate the provisional score. Subsequently, the UPSC CDS 2 2021 result will be declared in the form of merit lists.

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UPSC CDS (II) 2021| Two-week preparation plan to pass the exam
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UPSC CDS (II) 2021| Two-week preparation plan to pass the exam
Preparation for UPSC CDS 2 2021 is not complete without enough practice. Follow these tips to get a high score on the exam.