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Mock Test | Family Law


Welcome to your Mock Test | Family Law

1. To whom Hindu law is not applied?

2. When did Hindu Succession Act 1956 come into force?

3. When The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 come into force

4. In which case the court held that Muslim women have a right to maintenance under Section 125 of the crpc ?

5. In which case court held that the children out the Muslim marriage shall be entitled to maintenance under the CrPC after divorce

6. Which are the primary source of Muslim law ?

7. What is the origin of Hindu law? ?

8. In case of an offence of Dowry death should have occurred within years of her marriage.

9. Cruelty in Hindu Marriage Act means :

10. void marriage of Children are :

11. When can a Muslim wife remarry?

12. In case of dissolution of Muslim mani the period of Iddat to be observed

13. A widowed Hindu daughter-in-law:

14. A petition for nullity of marriage must be filed after discovering the fraud :

15. Only ground available for Dissolution of Marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 is :

16. Marriage between an unmarried woman and a married man is :

17. ' A ' is a Hindu female aged about 24 ' A ' adopted a boy of 12 years old adoption is :

18. Ceremonies of marriage are not necessary under :

19. The term ' Hindu ' used in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 includes all except one :

20. Is there any Union Law on divorce for Muslims in India?

21. When a Muslim husband and wife mutually consent to a divorce, it is known as?

22. A leading case on mental cruelty is

23. According to Hindu Marriage Act marriage is termed as

24. Section 26 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 provides

25. Under which section of Hindu Marriage act included prohibited relationships?

26. Bigamy laws are not applicable to

27. The Hindu Succession Act,2005, abolishes

28. Bigamy under the Hindu Marriage act,1955 includes

29. Desertion is a

30. Which of the following is provided in the section 7 of Hindu Marriage act?

31. Presumption that the younger survived the elder under section 21 of Hindu Succestion Act 2005 is

32. Which of the following is correct with respect to Section 5(i) of Hindu marriage Act 1955?

33. Section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act2005 applies to

34. Section 8 of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 relates to

35. ‘Heir’ has been defined under:

36. A share to which an aliene of an interest of a coparcener is entitled is the share which the alienor is entitled on.

37. A coparcener has

38. amongst the following has a right to challenge the alienation of joint hindu property

39. Alienation by the karta without legal necessity or the benefit of estate is

40. An alienee-purchaser of an undivided share or a coparcener is

41. Each son acquires at his birth an equal interest with his father in all ancestral property held by the father under

42. Father under the Dayabhaga law,can dispose of the ancestral property by

43. On the death of father, the sons under the Dayabhaga law, take the ancestral property as

44. kartas power of alienation of ancestral property are

45. A hindu male is under a pious obligation to pay the private debts of his

46. Partition under the Mitakashara law means

47. While determining as to what property is available for partition, the provision has to be made for

48. Provision for which of the following is not to be made, while determining the property available for partition

49. Under the Mitakshara law, partition can be claimed by

50. A wife is entitled to a share on partition taking place between her husband and

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