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Mock Test | Constitution II

CLAT-2023-New-Batch-Starts-On 4th-August
CLAT-2023-New-Batch-Starts-On 4th-August

Welcome to your Mock Test | Constitution

1. Clemency of Capital punishment is granted by

2. Which one is not related to sessions of Indian Lok Sabha?

3. According to the constitution of India what is the maximum limit of Rajya Sabha Membership?

4. Which constitutional posts enjoyed a fixed term?

5. There is no provision, for the impeachment of

6. Joint sittings of the two houses of Parliament are presided over by the

7. The members of State Public Service Commission are appointed and suspended by the

8. Can one person act as Governor of more than one state?

9. When is the Rajya Sabha dissolved?

10. Term of the members of Rajya Sabha?

11. The President of India administers oath of his office by

12.The salaries of the judges of the Supreme Court Of India.

13. A judge of the Supreme Court can be removed from office only on grounds of

14. The term of all Law Commissions, of Independent India is

15. In India, the power of judicial review is restricted because

16. Which Article of the Indian Constitution empowers the Supreme Court to determine disputes between Union of India and its States and between States?

17. The number of High court in India is

18. Which of the following States does have a High Court?

19. In which of the following cases the Constitution of India allows an exception to the rule of equality?

20. Which of the following term means 'under consideration of a court of law'?

21. 'Autrefois Acquit' principle is related to

22. Impeachment of Judges is provided under _________ of Constitution

23. Provisions relating to amendment of the Constitution of India are contained in

24. How many methods have been provided under the Constitution of India for its amendment?

25. Who was the president of India at the time of proclamation of Emergency in 1975?

26. A National emergency in India remains in operation, with the approval of Parliament for

27. The maximum duration for which an Emergency under Article 356 can be imposed is

28. Kothari Commission Recommendations are related with

29. Provincial autonomy was introduced in India under the

30. Lengthiest Constitution in the world?

31. How many official languages are mentioned in Schedule VIII to the Constitution of India?

32. The Advocate -General of the State is appointed by

33. The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 was enacted under which of the following provisions of the constitution?

34. International treaties are ratified in India by

35. Which of the following' posts is always held by a member of an opposition party?

36. By which Constitutional Amendment the voting age was reduced from 21 to 18 years.

38. The "Doctrine, of Rule of law" was propounded by

39. Which Article of the Indian constitution lays down that "Union of India and the states are Juristic persons and can sue and be sued?

40. Who among the following ranks highest in the order of precedence as >per Indian Protocol?

41. As on 2015, how many constitutional amendments have been made to the Indian constitution

42.Economic Survey in India is published officially every year by the

43. The Constitutional validity of Advocates Act, 1961 was upheld by the Supreme Court in

44. Whether by a Writ of Quo Warranto, an illegal appointment of a Chief Minister can be challenged

45. Right to fly National Flag is

46. The Government of India may sue or be sued in the name of

47. Delhi is made the National Capital Territory of India by -Virtue of which article of Indian Constitution?

48. A High Court Judge may be transfered from one High Court to any other High Court by

49. A Judge of Supreme Court and High Court shall be appointed by the Persident by

50. Who led the 13 member constitution Bench in Keshavananda Bharati Case?

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