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Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021

Center orders 440 million doses of Covishield, Covaxin

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; The Center announced Tuesday that it had placed orders for 44 crore doses of Covishield and Covaxin, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the Center would resume the state supply quota and provide free injections to state governments for inoculation of all those above the age of18.

  • These 44 million rupees of Covid-19 vaccine doses will be delivered by their manufacturers between August and December 2021, the Union Health Ministry said.
  • In immediate follow-up to the Prime Minister’s announcement of these changes to the national COVID vaccination program guidelines yesterday, the Center placed an order with the Serum Institute of India (SII) for 25 crore doses of Covishield and Bharat Biotech for 19 crore doses of Covaxin.
  • In addition, 30% of the advance for the purchase of the two COVID-19 vaccines went to the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech, said an official.
  • The official added that the Center has been supporting the efforts of the states and territories of the Union for an effective vaccination campaign under the “whole-of-government approach” since January 16 of this year.

Supreme Court concerned about the role of private hospitals in immunization

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; Supreme Court has raised concerns about the role of private hospitals in vaccination against Covid-19 and has questioned whether they would prefer the proceeds to public health.

  • The court’s concern is real and present, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Monday revealed that private hospitals would retain their ability to purchase 25% of vaccine stocks from manufacturers.
  • Further they advised the government to maintain strict supervision of private hospitals in a May 31 order.
  • This has raised fears that private hospitals will sell the vaccines they buy at higher prices unless they are “strictly regulated.”
  • They reminded the government that private hospitals, although they provide public health services, have the “benefit” at the center of their existence.
  • A bench of D.Y. Chandrachud, L. Nageswara Rao and S. Ravindra Bhat said: “The other consequences of vaccination in private hospitals as part of the liberalized vaccination policy are linked to a simple problem at the heart of their existence: although they provide a service of public health, remain private for-profit entities. Therefore, they can sell the doses of vaccine bought at a higher price, unless they are strictly regulated. “
  • The court was also concerned about transparency.
  • Private hospitals may also not sell all their vaccine doses publicly through CoWIN appointments, but sell them for lucrative deals directly to private companies that want to vaccinate their employees, court said.
  • The Chamber noted that many, especially those living in small towns and villages, have limited access to private hospitals.
  • Private hospitals are not evenly distributed across a state / UT and are often limited to large cities with large populations.
  • As such, there will be more available in these cities, as opposed to rural areas, they said.
  • However, the court clarified that it was not against private hospitals participating in the vaccination campaign. He accepted the Center’s argument that they would reduce the burden on government facilities.

Nepal stops distribution of Coronil of Patanjali kits

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; After Bhutan, Nepal has stopped the distribution of Coronil kits donated by the Patanjali group of yoga teacher and Indian businessman Ramdev.

  • The Kathmandu order said proper procedures were not followed when purchasing the 1,500 Coronil kits that Patanjali says are helpful in fighting the Covid-19 infection.
  • The issue has attracted attention because it is interpreted as an attempt to dissociate the great Madhesi political families from the Indian group.
  • The latest order from the Nepalese government says that the tablets and nasal oil that are part of the Coronil kit are not equivalent to the drugs used to treat Covid-19. While highlighting the shortcomings of the kits, Nepalese officials pointed to recent statements against Coronil from the Indian Medical Association (IMA), who challenged Ramdev to test the effectiveness of its products against Covid-19.
  • Nepal is the second country after Bhutan to stop the distribution of Coronil kits. Bhutan Medicines Regulatory Authority has already stopped the distribution of Coronil in the kingdom.
  • However, Nepal remains close to the Patanjali group as the organization maintains a large production plant and distribution networks in Nepal.
  • Monday’s order also sparked controversy within the Nepalese government, as Coronil kits were received during the tenure of former health minister Hridyesh Tripathi and minister for women and development of the child, Juli Mahato.
  • Soon after, Mahato and her husband Raghuvir Mahaseth tested positive, drawing attention to their support for the Patanjali group.
  • The latest order is interpreted as an attempt by the Oli government to distance itself from the Patanjali group, seen as close to Mahato’s brother, the industrialist Upendra Mahato.
  • Mahato is one of the largest industrialists in Nepal and is widely known as a partner of the Patanjali group in the country.
  • The development highlights the connection between the Indian group and the current political leaders of Nepal, in particular the reborn Madhesis.

Quota Maratha: Uddhav calls on Prime Minister Modi to take action to raise 50% cap

Uddhav Thackeray called on PM today

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; A delegation led by Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action to lift the 50% cap on reserves to ensure that the Marathas and OBCs continue to profit. He was accompanied by Chief Deputy Minister Ajit Pawar and Minister of Public Works Ashok Chavan. Chavan heads the state cabinet subcommittee on the Maratha reservation.

Several major international news websites collapse

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; Several leading news sites, including The Guardian, The New York Times, Financial Times and Bloomberg News, collapsed this afternoon following a major internet blackout. The websites displayed an “Error 503 Service not available” message.

  • Other websites, including Reddit, BBC News, Buzzfeed, Vox Media and Amazon Web Services, have also been affected.
  • The massive outage was believed to have been caused by an issue with Fastly, a US-based cloud platform that powers various internet companies, according to Alex Hern, UK technical writer at The Guardian.
  • The increasing centralization of Internet infrastructure in the hands of a few large companies means that single points of failure can lead to drastic outages, he said in a tweet.

SC Takes Strict Action Against Illegal Adoption Notices

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; Supreme Court has ordered the States and Union Territories (UT) to take strict action against individuals and NGOs who invite people to illegally adopt children orphaned by the pandemic.

  • A bench of Judges L. Nageswara Rao and Aniruddha Bose, in an 18-page order issued Tuesday, ordered the government to step in and prevent private entities from revealing the identities of children affected by Covid-19, usually on social networks, with the aim of inviting people to adopt them.
  • It was illegal to invite foreigners to adopt children, already traumatized by their personal losses, without the intervention of the Central Adoption Resources Authority (CARA), a statutory body under the Ministry for the Advancement of Women and Women. childhood, he said.
  • The order came after the National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (NCPCR) on Monday sounded the alarm over a series of complaints about the illegal adoption of COVID-19 orphans through individuals and organizations.

Parliament’s monsoon session set to start in July

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; The monsoon session of parliament is expected to start as scheduled in July, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi said on Tuesday.

  • Depending on the standard, the session takes place in the second or third week of July. The last session of Parliament was cut short and ended indefinitely on March 25, and according to constitutional rules the next session must be held within six months.
  • This period ends on September 14. Three sessions have been reduced since the start of the pandemic in March of last year.
  • The first of these was the 2020 budget session. Last year’s winter session was also interrupted due to the pandemic. Last year, the monsoon session, which usually begins in July, began in September.
  • The sources indicated that with the spread of Covid-19 under control for now and the possibility of a third wave looming in the coming months, the government does not wish to postpone the session until September.
  • The monsoon session, sources say, will be short-lived. So far, most MPs have received at least one dose of the vaccine.
  • However, the Covid-19 protocols that have been followed for the past three sessions are expected to continue, including members sitting in the galleries to maintain physical distance.

FM asks Infosys to correct technical problems in the new electronic portal for filing income taxes

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday asked Infosys and its president, Nandan Nilekani, to correct technical problems in the new electronic filing website of the Income Tax Ministry, after users flooded their timeline. of complaints on Twitter.

  • Infosys won a contract in 2019 to develop the next generation tax filing system to reduce filing processing time from 63 days to one day and speed up refunds. The portal went live last night.
  • Early Tuesday morning, Sitharaman took to Twitter to announce the launch of the new portal, www. Incometax.gov.in, stating that “the important step in making the compliance experience more taxpayer-friendly” was posted at 8:45 p.m. of Monday. But soon their timeline was flooded with user complaints.
  • Infosys had also developed the GST Network (GSTN) portal, which is used to pay GST and file returns. The software specialist had faced criticism for the slow operation of the GSTN portal.

The UNSC grants a second term to Antonio Guterres as Secretary General

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021; United Nations Security Council voted Tuesday to give Secretary General Antonio Guterres a second term, with conflict resolution high on its agenda at the head of the world body.

  • 72-year-old former Portuguese prime minister has held the post since 2017 and has faced no competition for the next term. About ten other people also applied for the position, but they were not official candidates because none of the 193 UN member states endorsed them.
  • In a brief closed-door session, the Security Council voted unanimously to recommend that the General Assembly grant Guterres another term, said current Council President Estonian Ambassador Sven Jurgenson.
  • General Assembly approval is considered a formality and should take place soon.
  • During his first term, Guterres was forced to focus on limiting the potential damage from Donald Trump’s one-sided, nationalistic and cautious foreign policy.
  • Now, as he begins a new term, Guterres will need a “battle plan” for all the world’s crises, a diplomat said.

Covid updates: The number of reported coronavirus cases in India stood at 2,9062,971 at the time of this bulletin, with a death toll at 3,52,966.

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Daily NEWS Summary | 08-06-2021
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