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Daily NEWS Summary | 12-01-2022

Haridwar hate speech: Supreme Court asks Uttarakhand why defendants were not detained

Daily NEWS Summary | 12-01-2022; Supreme Court asked the Uttarakhand government to respond to petitions that those accused of making hate speech at a Dharm Sansad held in Haridwar have not yet been arrested.

  • A bench headed by the Chief Justice, N.V. Ramana, issued a notice even as the petitioners claimed that the community hate statements made by speakers at Haridwar were unlike anything seen or heard before. They had made “open calls for the extermination of an entire religious community”, said prominent lawyers Kapil Sibal and Indira Jaising.
  • “There is no law for this kind of hate speech,” Sibal said. He said the incident took on a different color even from previous cases of mob lynchings. The lead attorney said that more of these ‘Dharm Sansads’ had been organized. The next one was on January 23 in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, he said.
  • “If this court does not act promptly, ‘Dharm Sansads’ would be detained in Una, Kurukshetra, Dasna, Aligarh and in the states where the electoral process is taking place. The atmosphere of the whole country will be vitiated. No arrests have been made,” Sibal said.
  • The lead attorney asked the court to dismiss the case on Monday, particularly in light of the event taking place on January 23. However, the court said on Monday that would not be possible. The Chamber advised the applicants to make representations to local authorities, clearly expressing their fears that the speeches in these “Dharm Sansads” could risk violating criminal hate law and be contrary to Supreme Court rulings.
  • The panel, during the hearing, noted that hate speech had been the subject of several requests that were already pending before another court panel. If so, this case should be tagged along with the previous ones against the other bank. However, the CJI said the Haridwar hate speech case would be listed 10 days later, either separately or together with previous cases.
  • The petitioners, former High Court Judge Anjana Prakash and journalist Qurban Ali, noted that “hate speech consists of open calls for the genocide of Muslims for ethnic cleansing. The speeches are not just hate speech, but an open call for the murder of an entire community. Therefore, the speeches pose a serious threat not only to the unity and integrity of our country, but also endanger the lives of millions of Muslim citizens.
  • The hate speeches were reportedly delivered between 17-19 December in Haridwar by Yati Narsinghanand and in Delhi by “Hindu Yuva Vahini”.
  • The petitioners have called for an independent, credible and impartial investigation by a special investigative team into hate speech against the Muslim community. The petitioners said that “despite the passage of almost three weeks, the law enforcement authorities have not taken any effective action, including the failure to apply articles 120B, 121A and 153B of the IPC, 1860, which are apply directly to hate speech.
  • “The flagrant inaction of the police was also brought to light when a video of a police officer went viral on the internet, in which one of the speakers openly acknowledged the officer’s loyalty to the ‘Dharm Sansad‘ organizers and speakers. .. the police authorities go hand in hand with the perpetrators of communal hatred,” the petitioners argued.

Supreme Court appoints panel headed by former judge Indu Malhotra to investigate security breaches during PM Modi’s visit

Daily NEWS Summary | 12-01-2022; The Supreme Court appointed a committee chaired by its former judge Indu Malhotra to investigate a security breach that caused the prime minister’s convoy to be blocked on an airlift in Punjab on January 5. A bench headed by Chief Justice of India NV Ramana told the committee to submit its confidential report as soon as possible.

  • The other members of the committee are the Director General of the National Investigation Agency or his representative with a rank not lower than Inspector General, the Director General of the Chandigarh Union Territory Police, the Additional Director General of the Punjab Police (Security), and the Secretary General of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana.
  • The Center and Punjab had accused each other of bias. Poll-linked Punjab had accused the Center of trying to put all the blame on it. The Center had summoned the Punjab police officers for an explanation.

“We are of the opinion that issues [related to rape] cannot be resolved through unilateral investigations. A trained and independent forensic mind duly assisted by officers familiar with security considerations and the Secretary General of the High Court, seized the records in accordance with our orders, will be in the best position to consider all matters and submit a confidential report to the attention of this court,”

Chief Justice Ramana read in the order.
  • The Justice Indu Malhotra Committee‘s mandate includes finding the causes of the rape; is responsible and to what extent; corrective measures to improve the security of the Prime Minister and other beneficiaries; and any other recommendations for the security of constitutional officials.
  • The of Punjab, D.S. Patwalia, in an earlier hearing, highlighted the state’s fears of not getting a fair trial. She had argued that the Center had already issued show cause notices to its officials, citing disciplinary action against them for the security breach.
  • Patwalia had said that all the state wanted from the Supreme Court was a chance for a fair hearing before a neutral committee. “If I am guilty, hang me and my officers, but give me a fair trial,” Patwalia demanded in court.

Boris Johnson apologizes for attending a garden party during lockdown

Daily NEWS Summary | 12-01-2022; Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized for attending a garden party during Britain’s coronavirus lockdown in 2020, saying there are things the government “didn’t get right”.

  • Johnson is facing public and political anger over claims that he and his staff flouted pandemic restrictions by socializing when they were prohibited. Some members of the Conservative Party say that he should resign if he cannot calm the anger.
  • Johnson first acknowledged that he was at the May 2020 garden party at his Downing Street office, although he said he considered it a business event.
  • Johnson told lawmakers in the House of Commons: “I want to apologize… In hindsight, I should have sent everyone inside.”
  • A senior aide to the prime minister emailed an invitation to the “socially distanced drinks” gathering to around 100 people. At the time, Britons were prohibited by law from meeting more than one person outside their household.
  • On Tuesday, a spokesman declined to comment on the allegations, citing an ongoing investigation by a senior official, Sue Gray, into various alleged government personnel. Johnson has said before that he hasn’t personally broken any blocking rules, but his problems are piling up.
  • Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the opposition Labor Party, said Johnson’s refusal to say whether he was at the May 2020 party was “surprising”. Rayner said that if Johnson had “lied to the British public, lied to Parliament and attended parties during lockdown, then his position is untenable.”
  • The scandal, dubbed “partygate,” has become the biggest crisis of Johnson’s two-and-a-half years in office. During the UK’s first lockdown, which began in March 2020 and lasted for more than two months, almost all gatherings were banned. Millions of people have been cut off from friends and family, and even prevented from visiting dying relatives in hospitals. Thousands of people have been fined by the police for violating the ban on gatherings.
  • Thus, there has been widespread anger over allegations that Johnson’s Conservative government flouted the rules it imposed on the rest of the country by hosting garden parties, Christmas gatherings and office quiz nights. in Downing Street, which is both the Prime Minister’s home and office. Opposition politicians are calling on Johnson to resign. More worrying for the prime minister, many in his own party are growing increasingly concerned about Johnson’s trial and leadership.

Covid Updates: The number of reported was 36092189 at the time of this bulletin’s publication, with a death toll of 486270.

  • Retail price inflation hit 5.59% in December, driven mainly by a rebound in food prices, government data showed on Monday. Retail inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 4.91% in November 2021 and 4.59% in December 2020. According to data released by the National Statistics Office (ONS), food inflation rose to 4.05% in December this fiscal year. against 1.87% the previous month.
Daily NEWS Summary | 12-01-2022
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Daily NEWS Summary | 12-01-2022
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