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Daily NEWS Summary | 22-11-2021

Supreme Court protects Param Bir Singh from arrest

Daily NEWS Summary | 22-11-2021; On November 22, the Supreme Court granted former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh protection from arrest and ordered him to join the investigation against him after saying he was “many in the country” and that he had not fled abroad.

Singh said he was fighting the power of a “draconian” state and its police, who harassed him for having the “courage to expose” the alleged actions of the former home minister of Maharashtra , Anil Deshmukh, who faces money laundering charges.

Singh, accused of corruption and extortion, described himself as a whistleblower who “doesn’t want to make it look like I’m afraid of anything.” Judge Sanjay Kishan Kaul, at the head of a bench with Judge M.M. Sundaresh commented: “The issue has become increasingly curious in the battle between the former Home Secretary and the Police Commissioner.

Singh’s main lawyer, Puneet Bali, noted that his “client does not want to leave the country”. He was ready to cooperate, save for the looming threat against him. “How much faith am I going to have in the police now?” »Argument.

Judge Kaul commented: “We found this picture very disturbing… If the former police commissioner says he faces threats and has no confidence in the police, what would be the fate of the ordinary man?

Bali claimed his client had recorded and handed in transcripts of WhatsApp communications with a high-ranking police officer, who advised him to back down or face serious cases allegedly mounted against him in retaliation for filing a complaint against him. Deshmukh.

Mumbai High Court refuses to bar Nawab Malik from commenting against Wankhede

Daily NEWS Summary | 22-11-2021; The Mumbai High Court refused to prevent Maharashtra Minister and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Nawab Malik from commenting on social media with Office of Narcotics Control (NCB) regional director Sameer Wankhede and his family.

Only one court, Madhav Jamdar, was hearing a libel suit brought by Wankhede’s father, Dhyandev, who claimed 1.25 million rupees in damages for making defamatory statements. The petition mentioned that Malik disclosed a suspected birth certificate for his son on Twitter who allegedly said he was a Muslim.

The court said: “Although the plaintiff [Mr. Wankhede] has the right to privacy, the accused [Mr. Malik] has the right to freedom of expression, there must be a balance between fundamental rights. Do the tweets sent contain complaints about the performance of official duties? Are the messages found to be false? Was there a reasonable fact check? These aspects show that the defendants have not been diligent and that serious charges are brought against Wankhede ”, noted the court.

The court added: “The right to privacy is implicit in the right to life and liberty. The public has the right to comment on the life of the public official, but it must be done with reasonable verification. These are only prima facie observations. The defendants have raised relevant issues against the plaintiff. At the prima facie stage, the claims cannot be regarded as totally false. “

Malik’s remarks were said to have been “fueled by meanness and animosity.” However, “relief cannot be granted at this stage, but then the defendant must carry out sufficient verification of the documents before publishing them subsequently,” the court concluded.

Trinamool holds Tripura CM responsible for attacks on party leaders

Daily NEWS Summary | 22-11-2021; Trinamool National Congress Secretary Abhishek Banerjee accused Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb of being responsible for a series of attacks against party leaders and workers. He condemned violence at the East Agartala Women’s Police Station on Sunday after the arrest of West Bengal Trinamool Youth Congress leader Saayoni Ghosh for attempted murder.

Trinamool’s secretary general spoke to reporters after authorities denied permission for his road show to campaign for the Agartala Municipal Corporation and 12 municipal agencies on November 25. Banerjee said violence in Tripura continued and police remained silent despite a Supreme Court order ordering the government to ensure peace and security among the ranks of all political parties in municipal elections.

Trinamool on Monday filed for contempt of the High Court, warning that the party would take to court all those responsible for committing abuses. Banerjee claimed that anarchy and total anarchy reigned in Tripura, and that the motive for the violence was to stop the Trinamool, which “was rapidly gaining a base of support in the state.”

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Deb criticized Trinamool for allegedly trying to damage the image of the state by making false claims. West Tripura’s chief judicial magistrate granted bail to Ghosh. Sushmita Dev, a member of TMC’s Rajya Sabha, praised Ghosh’s release. She alleged that the case against the actress-turned-politician was politically motivated.

Meanwhile, Trinamool congressmen staged a protest at the Interior Ministry in North Block, Delhi on Monday after they were allegedly denied a meeting with Interior Minister Amit Shah, whom they ‘wanted to meet to report on the violence. denounced against members of his party in Tripura. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is also expected to arrive in Delhi in the evening.

Mamata will meet with Modi on Wednesday to discuss the jurisdiction of the BSF and the funds owed to the state.

Daily NEWS Summary | 22-11-2021; West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee left on Monday for a four-day visit to the country’s capital. This is President Trinamool’s second visit to Delhi after the West Bengal Assembly elections in which her party recorded a landslide victory over the Bharatiya Janata Party. She is also expected to visit Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.

The recent notification from the Union Ministry of the Interior extending the jurisdiction of the BSF from 15 km to 50 km along the border has become a flash point between the Center and the state government. The Trinamool government passed a resolution in the Assembly urging the Center to withdraw the notification.

The other issue Banerjee is likely to discuss concerns pending state funding with the Center. The prime minister criticized the Center for not making sufficient funds available to the state, especially after West Bengal was torched by natural disasters such as cyclones and floods. The chief minister said she would meet with MPs from her party who have been protesting in front of the Union Interior Ministry office since Monday morning.

She said that not even the media can work freely in Tripura. Banerjee’s visit precedes the winter session of Parliament and she will likely meet with opposition party leaders. After its previous visit in the last week of July, the TMC made inroads into Tripura and Goa.

One of the highlights of the July visit was the meeting with the president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi. In recent months, several congressional leaders, including former President Mahila Morcha Sushmita Dev and former Goa Chief Minister Luizinho Faleiro, have joined the TMC. It will be interesting to see if Congressional leaders get in touch with Banerjee or if they get in touch with top Congressional leaders.

The visit also comes days after the Prime Minister announced the repeal of the three agricultural laws. Banerjee had extended her support to protesting farmers and sent several delegations of party MPs to meet with farmers. The TMC president, who came to power in West Bengal by championing the cause of farmers protesting the forced acquisition of land, may also meet with some leaders of the farmers’ movement. Furthermore, two visits to the national capital in less than six months also testify to the growing ambitions of the TMC, eager to present itself as a pan-Indian party.

‘Three capitals’ for A.P .: It will bring a bill ‘complete, comprehensive and better’, says Jagan

Daily NEWS Summary | 22-11-2021; On November 22, the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly passed a bill to repeal the controversial Decentralization and Inclusive Development Act of 2020 from all regions of the Palestinian Authority, which aimed to establish three capitals for the ‘State’. However, Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy told the assembly that his government would present a “complete, comprehensive and better” decentralization bill.

The 2020 law was repealed to “protect the broader interests” of the people. “Our intention of a decentralized state development has been distorted, distorted and misinformation has been launched. In addition, legal obstacles have been created and legal proceedings have been initiated, ”said the Chief Minister.

Without referring to farmers in the Amaravati region, who have been fighting the tri-capitals decision for more than 700 days, Jagan said the government would explain “our true intention and the need for decentralization” to all parties involved and incorporate the necessary changes into the new invoice. The government had previously suggested that A.P. it could have three capitals: the executive capital in Visakhapatnam and the legislative capital in Amaravati and the judicial capital in Kurnool.

Covid Updates: The number of coronavirus cases reported in India was 3,45 12,773 at the time of this report, with a death toll of 4,66,109.

Daily NEWS Summary | 22-11-2021
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Daily NEWS Summary | 22-11-2021
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