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Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021

Lakhimpur Kheri: the police file a complaint against Priyanka Vadra; Sharad Pawar compares incident to Jallianwala Bagh massacre

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021; Uttar Pradesh police have jailed Congress Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and ten others in sections related to pre-trial detention over the apprehension of breach of the peace, in as party leaders, they questioned his detention beyond 24 hours without an FIR.

The case under Articles 144, 151, 107, 116 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) (all related to pre-trial detention due to arrest for breach of public order) was also registered against the head of Congress of Uttar Pradesh Ajay Kumar Lallu and party leader Deependra Hooda, officials said.

Congress Secretary-General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and other party leaders were arrested on Monday on their way to meet victims of the violence that erupted during a farmers’ protest in Lakhimpur Kheri the day before.

Eight people were killed when violence broke out during a farmers’ protest, which claimed the lives of farmers and BJP workers before Uttar Pradesh’s deputy chief minister visited Lakhimpur, Keshav Prasad Maurya. Meanwhile, Vadra in a video message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, released a 25-second viral video of Sunday’s incident in Lakhimpuri Kheri and asked why the government failed to act against those responsible.

Vadra said that while the prime minister presided over a function of Azad ki Amrit Mahotsav in Lucknow, he should be reminded that the farmers won the country’s freedom and even now his sons have defended the country’s borders. Several congressional leaders, including P. Chidambaram, questioned Vadra’s arrest and called it “totally illegal” and “unconstitutional”. In a statement, Chidambaram said Tuesday that the facts and circumstances surrounding Vadra’s detention in Sitapur “conclusively establish that there is no rule of law in the UP.”

Varun Gandhi shares video of SUV hitting farmers, becomes first BJP MP to demand arrest of culprits

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021; BJP Varun Gandhi shared a video clip, that allegedly showed a van crushing farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri, and demanded that police immediately identify and arrest those involved in the incident, PTI reported. As the BJP officially maintained a cautious silence on the matter, with the Uttar Pradesh government securing a full investigation, Varun Gandhi expressed empathy with the farmers.

Sharad Pawar compares Lakhimpur Kheri incident to Jallianwala Bagh massacre

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021; Chastising the BJP-led center for its blatant abuse of power following the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar compared the episode to Tuesday’s Jallianwala Bagh massacre in New York. Delhi, the leader of the NCP demanded that a sitting Supreme Court judge conduct an investigation so that the truth is known.

He attacked both the Center and the U.P. government for its absolute insensitivity in handling the incident. The NCP chief said he listened to the U.P. The government was prepared for a retired judge to investigate the incident, but wants the investigation to be led by a sitting Supreme Court judge, who will shed light on the case.

Noting that the protesting farmers were not alone and that the whole country was behind them, Pawar criticized the U.P. Government for frustrating opposition leaders in their attempts to visit the families of the deceased and offer their condolences. Opposition parties from all political walks have criticized the BJP and demanded a judicial inquiry into the incident.

A delegation of five TMC deputies escapes the police and meets the families of the victims of Lakhimpur Kheri

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021; A five-member delegation of Congress from Trinamool managed to sneak into Lakhimpur Kheri on Tuesday and track down the families of farmers killed when the vehicles of Union Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra’s convoy reportedly went mad.

Rajya MP Sabha Dola Sen, who was part of the delegation, said it was shameful that in the 75th year of India’s independence, MPs and MPs, who are destined to do respect the law, have blatantly committed killings and got away with it.

Sen, along with his colleagues from Rajya Sabha Abir Ranjan Biswas and Sushmita Dev and MPs from Lok Sabha Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar and Protima Mandal spent 14 hours on the road from Delhi to reach Lakhimpur Kheri on Monday night. At various checkpoints on the road where they were arrested, they escaped police control by posing as tourists. They spent the night in Lakhimpur Kheri avoiding being seen.

Early Tuesday, they managed to visit the homes of Lovpreet Singh, 20, and Nachattar Singh, 60. It was not until the TMC delegation left Nachattar Singh’s home that the police discovered them. Sen said the police misbehaved towards them and tried to block their path as they left town.

It is shameful, he said, that the country’s elected representatives are forbidden without good reason to visit parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Medical education has become a business, says SC, asks the government for last minute changes in the NEET-SS model

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021; The Supreme Court said Tuesday that the tragedy of medical education in the country was that it had become a business.

The observation of a bench led by Judge D.Y. Chandrachud came as the court reminded the government and the National Examination Board (NBE) for making last-minute changes to the 2021 Super Specialty National Entry and Eligibility Test (NEET-SS) model.

The court questioned whether the eleventh hour changes were intended to facilitate the filling of places in private medical schools. The court noted that the questions in the revised template came entirely from general practice, which was an enriching category. The previous model had 60% of the questions coming from the specialty area chosen by the student and the rest from the emerging category.

The court ruled that this sudden change was aimed at favoring general medicine, in which the largest number of students were found, to fill the seats. In a previous hearing, the court criticized the government saying that “young doctors cannot be left at the mercy of callous bureaucrats and cannot be treated like football.” The court assumed that private institutions benefited from the change in the examination model. He noted that since seats in government universities are never vacant, it must be for their private counterparts that the model has been changed.

Gujarat riots: Supreme Court to hear Zakia Jafri’s guilty plea against SIT warrant form in Modi on Oct 26

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021; The Supreme Court announced today that it will hear a statement on October 26 from Zakia Jafri, wife of the assassinated congressional leader Ehsan Jafri, challenging the Special Investigation Team (SIT )’s own memorandum to Narendra Modi, who was the prime minister of Gujarat during 2002. riots in the state. A court led by Judge A.M. Khanwilkar clarified that any request for additional postponement at the request of the petitioner (Zakia Jafri) will not be considered at a later date.

At first, lead attorney Kapil Sibal, representing Zakia Jafri, said that this case came up suddenly and that there were around 23,000 pages of recording and that they would release a compilation for convenience. The Chamber said the case was notified well in advance.

He asked the House to raise the question on a fixed date. Attorney General Tushar Mehta said the convenience compilation request has been in the works for a year and a half. However, the judiciary noted, Zakia Jafri’s attorney had previously told the Supreme Court that a notice must be issued as part of the guilty plea in relation to an alleged “larger plot” since February 27, 2002 until May 2002.

Ehsan Jafri, the former MP, was one of 68 people killed at the Gulberg company in Ahmedabad on February 28, 2002, a day after the S-6 coach of the Sabarmati Express was set on fire in Godhra, killing 59 people and causing riots in Gujarat.

On February 8, 2012, the SIT presented a final report giving a clear opinion to Modi, now prime minister, and 63 other people, including senior government officials, saying that “there was no evidence that could be prosecuted” in her against.

Zakia Jafri had filed an application with the High Court in 2018 challenging the order of October 5, 2017 of the High Court of Gujarat rejecting his statement against the decision of the SIT. The allegation also argued that after the SIT gave a clear mark in its closing report before a trial judge, Zakia Jafri filed a protest motion which was dismissed by the magistrate without considering the ” fund founded “.

Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to three for climatic discoveries

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021; The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to scientists from Japan, Germany and Italy. Syukuro Manabe (90) and Klaus Hasselmann (89) have been cited for their work on “physical modeling of the Earth’s climate, quantification of variability and reliable prediction of global warming”.

The second half of the prize was awarded to Giorgio Parisi (73) for “the discovery of the interaction of disorder and fluctuations in physical systems from the atomic scale to the planetary scale”. The panel said Manabe and Hasselmann “laid the foundation for our understanding of Earth’s climate and how humanity influences it.”

Starting in the 1960s, Manabe demonstrated how increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would raise global temperatures, thus laying the foundation for current climate models.

About a decade later, Hasselmann created a model that connected weather and climate, helping to explain why climate models can be reliable despite the seemingly chaotic nature of the weather. He also developed ways to look for specific signs of human influence on the weather.

Parisi “has built a deep physical and mathematical model” that has made it possible to understand complex systems in fields as different as mathematics, biology, neuroscience and machine learning.

After the announcement, Parisi said that “it is very urgent that we take very strong decisions and move forward at a very sustained pace” to tackle climate change. “It is clear to future generations that we must act now.”

The winners were announced on October 5 by Goran Hansson, Secretary General of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Last year, the prize went to Americans Andrea Ghez, Roger Penrose from Great Britain and Reinhard Genzel from Germany for their research on black holes.

Over the next few days, prizes will also be awarded for outstanding work in the fields of chemistry, literature, peace and economics.

Covid Updates: The number of coronavirus cases reported in India was 3,388,697,827 at the time of publication of this bulletin, with a death toll of 4,49,556.

Rating agency Moody’s Investors Service has raised the outlook for India’s sovereign rating from ‘negative’ to ‘stable’, citing a decrease in COVID-19 risks and negative feedback between the real economy and the economy. financial system. While maintaining India’s rating of Baa3, reflecting the lower investment grade rating, Moody’s said it expects real GDP to exceed pre-2019-20 pandemic levels this year. , because the current economic recovery is bearing fruit. all sectors. . He expects 2021-2022 to see 9.3% GDP growth, followed by 7.9% next year.

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021
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Daily NEWS Summary | 05-10-2021
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