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Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021

Former Punjabic CM Amarinder Singh meets Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021; Former Punjabi Chief Minister Amarinder Singh met Union Interior Minister Amit Shah at his New Delhi residence, sparking speculation about his future in politics. Singh arrived in the nation’s capital, days after stepping down as chief minister of the Punjab.

The meeting rose to prominence as Singh had not opened his letters, but had stated that he had not given up on politics and would fight to the end. The congress veteran had also launched a scathing attack on his pet peeve, Navjot Singh Sidhu, who has been appointed chairman of the party’s Punjab unit. Sidhu resigned from his post as chief of the Punjab Congress, as for his political future, Singh had said he had several options before him.

Meanwhile, a day after stepping down as President of the Punjab Congress, Navjot Singh Sidhu hardened his stance on Wednesday, saying he would stick to his principles and continue his fight even if it means losing everything.

Sidhu said that during his 17 years in politics, he worked to improve the lives of the people of Punjab and make a difference. Taking a principled stance on problem-based politics and sticking to it has been at the heart of his political journey, he added.

Launching an attack on the state government without naming anyone, Sidhu said the issues he had taken a stand on in front of the people of Punjab were in jeopardy.

Highlighting the Behbal Kalan police dismissal case in 2015, linked to the sacrilege issue of Bargari, which has been a flashpoint in state policy, Sidhu said the people who gave the “good grades” Badals “and people who had fought for” general “bail for the defendants were appointed today to key positions such as attorney general.

The Congress Party crisis in Punjab escalated further on September 28, when Sidhu resigned, Minister Razia Sultana resigned to support him, and other leaders also expressed support.

Sidhu announced his resignation hours after Channi awarded the portfolios. His suggestions on “bureaucratic and ministerial elections” were reportedly rejected by the party leadership.

A close associate of Sidhu said he was upset by the reintroduction of Rana Gurjit Singh into the firm. Rana Gurjit Singh, MP for Kapurthala, faced allegations of involvement in a sand mining scam and resigned from Captain Amarinder’s cabinet in 2018. A commission of inquiry headed by a former High Court judge fined him.

In addition, the appointment of Senior Counsel A.P.S. Deol as general counsel was another reason for Sidhu’s decision, the close associate said. Deol was the lawyer for former police chief Sumedh Singh Saini, indicted in the dismissal of Behbal Kalan by police in 2015.

Clearly define government exemptions, Data Protection Law Agencies: Parliamentary Panel

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021; The Joint Parliamentary Commission for Data Protection found common ground in the contentious clause which, in the name of “sovereignty”, “friendly relations with foreign states” and “state security”, allows any government agency in the Union to exempt all or some of the provisions of the law.

More than ten MPs on the panel had opposed the clause, saying it made the entire law unsuccessful. Citing “Indian sovereignty and integrity”, “public order”, “friendly relations with foreign states” and “state security”, the legislation empowers the central government to suspend all or part of the law provisions for the government. agencies.

Sources said the committee largely agreed the clause should be properly amended. MEPs call for the conditions for granting exemptions to be clearly spelled out without leaving any room for interpretation. No further details have been released on how it will be drafted to avoid possible abuse.

In a one-day meeting on Wednesday, the committee deliberated on nearly 55 clauses and is almost halfway through the bill. The report on the bill is overdue. The bill to ensure the protection of people’s personal data was presented to the Lok Sabha in December 2019 and shortly thereafter referred to the Joint Parliamentary Commission. It got its fifth extension during the monsoon session of parliament in July this year and has now been asked to report before the winter session, which is expected to convene in the third week of November.

The court’s contempt power cannot be withdrawn even by legislatures, Supreme Court observes

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021; Observing that the court will be suppressed by the court, the Court will declare on September 29 the president of an NGO guilty of contempt for not having deposited 25 lakh for having “scandalized and insulted” the court.

“We are of the opinion that the offender is clearly in contempt of court and his action to shock the court cannot be tolerated,” the highest court said. A court of judges Sanjay Kishan Kaul and MM Sundresh said that the chairman of the NGO Suraz India Trust, Rajiv Daiya, had “thrown mud” at everyone, including the court, administrative staff and the state government.

“The power to punish for contempt is a constitutional power vested in this court that cannot be withdrawn even by law,” the court said. The highest court sent a notice to Daiya and ordered him to be present on October 7 for the sentencing hearing.

As for the recovery of money, the Judiciary indicated that it can be done in the form of arrears of land income. The highest court had issued a notice of contempt for Daiya explaining why he should not be prosecuted and sentenced for his attempt to scandalize the court.

Daiya had told the judiciary that he did not have the resources to pay the fees imposed by the Supreme Court and that he would go to the Indian president with a pardon. The Supreme Court was considering an application by Daiya requesting a reversal of the 2017 Supreme Court ruling in which it imposed costs of 25 lakh on him for unsuccessfully filing 64 PIL over the years and “repeatedly abusing” the maximum competition. Look for.

CBI investigation reveals violation of ban on toxic materials in cookies: Supreme Court

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021; The Supreme Court said that a preliminary CBI investigation into the firecracker industry, including in Tamil Nadu, found a flagrant violation of its ban on the use of toxic ingredients like barium and its salts.

In an order issued in March 2020, the court ordered the CBI Deputy Director in Chennai to carry out a “detailed” investigation. The CBI was tasked with reviewing allegations of violation of the court’s ban in 2018. The CBI had filed a sealed report with the court.

A bench headed by Judge M.R. Referring to the content of the report, Shah noted that a chemical analysis of samples of finished and semi-finished firecrackers and raw materials taken from manufacturers showed barium content. The court said that large quantities of barium had been bought on the market. The lids of the firecrackers did not indicate the dates of manufacture or expiration.

The court discussed the reasons why manufacturers should not be asked to justify why contempt action should not be taken against them. The court published the case for a new hearing on October 6.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court dismissed a prima facie case by manufacturers that thousands of employees made their living in the industry. Judge Shah replied that “we must find a balance between employment, unemployment and the right to life and health of citizens. We cannot sacrifice the lives of the many for the few. Our main objective is the right to life of innocent people.

The case rose to prominence with the start of the wedding season and festivals such as Dussehra and Deepawali. “Every day there is a violation in this regard … in religious processions, political gatherings,” remarked Judge Shah, accompanied by Judge A.S. Bopanna on the stand.

Taliban write to DGAC for resumption of Afghan airline flights

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021; The Taliban have written to India’s DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) to request that Afghan carriers be allowed to resume commercial flights to the country, according to a senior government official. The letter from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was addressed to the Director General of the DGAC on September 7, 2021.

“The case is being examined by the Ministry of Civil Aviation,” the official said. Air connectivity between the two countries was cut short after the Taliban closed airspace over Afghanistan on August 16.

Covid Updates

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021; The number of coronavirus cases reported in India was 3,37 20,974 at the time of publication of this bulletin, with a death toll of 4,47,855.

Available evidence suggests that children 12 and older are at high risk for COVID-19 infection and should be prioritized for vaccination over younger children, experts from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR ).

They said schools should be reopened gradually (starting with elementary schools) and allowed to operate safely with the proper implementation of mitigation measures at multiple levels where children’s participation is essential.

An opinion piece titled “School Reopens During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Persistent Dilemma” published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research indicated that there was ample evidence to suggest that children aged one to 17 years old had a similar sensitivity to one. mild form of SARS. -Infection by CoV-2 as in adults. However, the risk of serious illness and death in children was lower.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) ruled on September 29 that schools in all grades except those currently permitted (grades 9 to 12) would remain closed for the time being and would be allowed to reopen. after the end of the next holiday season.

According to sources present at the meeting, the DDMA concluded that the situation related to COVID-19 was good, but the guard cannot be disappointed. In view of the upcoming holiday season, Delhi Police and District Administration have ordered the enforcement of the COVID-19 protocol and to ensure that meetings held during the holiday season comply with strictly established standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021
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Daily NEWS Summary | 29-09-2021
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