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Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021

Supreme Court urged to take cognizance of alleged murder of Jharkhand Additional District Judge

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021; The judiciary sprang into action after a frightening video of a deadly vehicle colliding with another district judge during a morning run in Jharkhand surfaced online. Chief Justice of India NV Ramana informed President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Chief Advocate Vikas Singh that he had previously discussed the matter with Chief Justice of Jharkhand .

Judge Uttam Anand
  • The Jharkhand HC, in turn, took note of the video and opened the investigation. As the hearing began on Thursday, Singh filed an urgent oral summons in a court in D.Y. Chandrachud and M.R. Shah, claiming that the alleged murder of Judge Uttam Anand in Dhanbad was a “shocking and flagrant attack on the independence of the judiciary”.
  • The video, Singh said, showed a vehicle suddenly veering off the road and colliding with Anand from behind on an isolated of highway in the early morning of July 28. They found him bleeding on the road and took him to hospital where he was not identified for hours.
  • Police eventually recovered the body after the family filed a missing person report. His family, who initially believed the cause of death was a hit-and-run accident, have filed a murder complaint.
  • Singh said the video footage was evidence and should be recorded. Judge Chandrachud had advised Singh to make a citation after sending an email to the Chief Justice of India and the clerk in charge of the citation process in court. Judge Chandrachud has asked Singh to discuss the matter with the Chief Justice of India.
  • Judge Anand’s death comes shortly after a July 22 ruling by Judge Chandrachud which dealt with the “appalling working conditions” of the district judiciary.
  • The remarks in Judge Chandrachud’s conviction concerned an order issued by a Madhya Pradesh trial judge revealing that he was facing threats in a murder case in which the husband of a BSP MP was the main accused.
  • The Supreme Court, in its ruling, had underlined how “judges are attacked simply to defend what is correct and, unfortunately, a subordination to the Supreme Court administration for transfers and assignments which makes them vulnerable”.
  • The Supreme Court had declared that “the independence of the judiciary is the independence of each of the judges”. The ruling also indicated greater unease in the application of political pressure on trial judges.

“The judicial independence of the district judiciary is fundamental to the integrity of the entire system. The courts integrated into the district justice are the first point of interface with the citizens. If citizens’ confidence in the administration of justice is to be preserved, attention should be focused on the district magistracy, as well as on the “higher” magistracy,

— Justice Chandrachud observed.

Meanwhile, two arrested for the “murder” of the judge

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021; Jharkhand police arrested two people on Thursday, including the rickshaw driver who “deliberately” shot Dhanbad extra session judge Uttam Anand on Wednesday morning, resulting in his death.

  • The incident happened while he was running on a deserted road about 500 meters from his official residence. A passerby took him to hospital but he was pronounced dead. The judge was hearing two high-profile murder cases and one concerning the illegal transport of coal (theft).
  • Initially, it was thought to be a hit and run. But after the emergence of closed circuit video (CCTV), which has since gone viral, it became clear that the coup was deliberate.
  • The footage shows the rickshaw suddenly turning towards the judge, who was running on the left end of the road and punching him. The images found an echo in the Supreme Court.
  • The police formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) under the direction of Dhanbad (town) Police Superintendent R. Ramkumar to investigate the case.
  • Addressing a press conference later today, Dhanbad Police Chief Superintendent Sanjeev Kumar said: “One case was recorded under IPC 302. We analyzed the CCTV footage that captured the scene of the incident. We managed to stop Lakhan Verma, the rickshaw driver, and another person, Rahul Verma. The autorickshaw used in the crime was also seized in Girdih district.
  • The two arrested had previously been involved in petty theft cases and police stations were alerted to provide more information about them, he said.
  • Police sources said the autorickshaw was stolen around 2 a.m. and the judge was run over at 5 a.m. Its owner had been identified.
  • The Jharkhand High Court heard the suo motu case.
  • The incident is reprehensible. The government is very sensitive to the issue. What emerges from the footage is that it was a murder case. The police administration acted quickly and arrested two people. The culprit will not be spared, ”said Rajiv Ranjan, of Jharkhand.

Ministry of Health announces 27% for OBC, 10% for EWS across India Fee for medical and dental courses UG, PG

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021; The Union Health Ministry announced a 27% reserve for EWS (other backward classes) and a 10% quota for economically weaker sections (EWS) in the All India Quota (AIQ) program for undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) medical students. / Dental medicine course (MBBS / MD / MS / Diploma / BDS / MDS) from 2021-22.

  • The move, would benefit nearly 1,500 OBC MBBS students and 2,500 of these post-graduate students each year, and around 550 EWS MBBS students and around 1,000 of these post-graduate students.
  • The AIQ was introduced in 1986 under the leadership of the Supreme Court to provide students in any state with merit-based opportunities for the homeless to pursue medical education in another state. It includes 15% of UG seats and 50% of PG seats in government medical schools.
  • Initially, there was no reserve at the AIQ until 2007. In that year, the Supreme Court introduced a reserve of 15% for the SC and 7.5% for the S&T of the plan.
  • When the Law on Central Educational Institutions (Admission Reserve) entered into force in 2007, which established a uniform reserve of 27% for CBOs, it was implemented in all educational institutions. Safdarjung Hospital, LadyHarding Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University and Banaras Hindu University, etc.
  • However, this did not extend to AIQ positions in medical and dental schools across the state.
  • Over the past six years, MBBS seats in the country have grown by 56%, from 54,348 seats in 2014 to 84,649 seats in 2020, and the number of PG seats by 80%, from 30,191 seats in 2014 to 54,275 seats in 2020. During the same period, 179 new medical schools were established and the country now has 558 medical schools (289 government, 269).

Open letter to CJI calls for moratorium on Pegasus use

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021; The Supreme Court must declare a moratorium on the export, sale, transfer and use of Pegasus spyware in India and investigate the spyware scandal, open letter to him.

  • We believe that the Supreme Court can only inspire confidence in the minds of people, and especially in the minds of women, only by demanding and transparently making public all responses related to the use of Pegasus in India. Most importantly, we hope that the Supreme Court places a moratorium on the export, sale, transfer and use of Pegasus in India, reads the open letter with more than 500 signatories, including Ayesha Kidwai, professor at JNU; Romila Thapar, historian; Harsh Mander, human rights activist; Kavita Krishnan, secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association; Vrinda Grover, Senior Advisor; Lillette Dubey, actress and director.
  • The letter also raises the issue of the woman who accused former CJI Ranjan Gogoi of sexual harassment, as well as 10 hacked cell phone numbers linked to members of her family.
  • The letter calls the hacking episode an act of “state-sponsored cyberterrorism” and states that “Project Pegasus and information in the public domain raise concerns about the integrity of constitutional authorities, including the independence of the Supreme Court. The investigation clearly reveals that the rights and freedoms of the peoples, of which the Supreme Court is the guardian, are seriously threatened ”.

Lok Sabha passes two bills without debate

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021; Amid continued opposition protests, Lok Sabha passed two bills on Thursday before it was suspended for the day. The 2021 Indian Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) Amendment Bill and the 2021 National Ships Bill were passed amid uproar without debate.

  • Between interruptions, members of the Business Advisory Committee met to discuss the agenda. When the House met at 2 p.m., Dr. Kirit Premjibhai Solanki, who was in the presidency, considered the two bills.
  • Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia moved approval of the AERA amendment bill after some scathing comments from opposition banks. The amendment will allow the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) to regulate rates and other charges for aeronautical services not only for airports with annual passenger traffic greater than 35 lakh, but also for a group of passengers. Once the bill is signed into law, the government will be able to link profitable and unprofitable airports with a privatization package, as envisioned in this year’s budget speech.
  • Shortly thereafter, the Minister of Ports and Navigation, Sarbananda Sonowal, proposed the Inland Vessels Bill, which aims to introduce a uniform regulatory framework for navigation throughout the country and provide a central database for the registration of ships. and his crew.

Delhi Assembly Passes Resolution Against Appointment of Rakesh Asthana as Delhi Police Commissioner; Kejriwal says he goes against SC’s order

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021; The Delhi Assembly on Thursday passed a resolution urging the Center to immediately withdraw the appointment of Rakesh Asthana as Delhi Police Commissioner, and AAP MPs expressed “reasonable apprehensions” that he is being used to create “a kingdom of terror “against political rivals in the nation’s capital. .

  • Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called the appointment against the Supreme Court order and said the Union government should make appointments according to the rules. The Union government had appointed Asthana to the post of Delhi Police Commissioner on Tuesday, granting him a one-year extension on the day of the new post before his retirement.

Covid Numbers: The number of reported in India was 3,15,39,165 at the time of this bulletin, with a death toll of 4,22,896.

Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021
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Daily NEWS Summary | 29-07-2021
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