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Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021

Adivasis rights activist Fr. Stan Swamy dies in custody

Fr. Stan Swamy

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021; Father Stan Swamy, 84, a Jesuit priest who had campaigned for the democratic and territorial rights of the Adivasis of Jharkhand for more than five decades, died today at 1:24 pm in Mumbai.

  • Dr Ian D’Souza, medical director of the Sagrada Familia Hospital, where Father Swamy was admitted, told a chamber of judges in the SS Shinde and NJ Jamadar Division of the Bombay High Court that P Swamy had a lung infection, following post-Covid-19 lung complications and pneumonia.
  • He also had Parkinson’s disease. Dr D’souza said Father Swamy suffered cardiac arrest on July 4 at 4:30 a.m. They put him on a ventilator and he never regained consciousness.
  • Senior lawyer Mihir Desai, representing Father Swamy, said: “We have no complaints against the hospital. However, the same cannot be said of the National Investigation Agency [NIA] and state authorities. I ask for custody for that because there was a delay of 10 days to take him to hospital from prison ”.
  • The Bench said: “With all the humility at our disposal, this is shocking news. We place this order, to take you to the hospital of your choice. We have no words to express our condolences. But since the doctor has informed us here, the rest of the case will be heard on any other date. “
  • Desai said the NIA did not ask for his custody even one day and that he was sent to Taloja Prison upon his arrest. He asked the court to issue an order to hand over the body of Father Swamy to Father Frazer.
  • P. Swamy was transferred from prison to private hospital on May 29 after being directed by the High Court. He tested positive for Covid-19 on May 30 and suffered from lower back pain and bilateral hearing loss, among other conditions.
  • He told the court on May 21: “I eat less and less and my co-defendants are worried about me. Only one thing I would ask the court to consider is an interim bond. This is the only request. “

Board exams 2022: CBSE splits the academic year into two terms, with a 50% schedule each

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021; The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced a special assessment regime for the class 10 and 12 board exams for next year given the Covid-19 pandemic, dividing the academic session into two quarters.

  • The board also announced its intention to streamline the 2021-2022 academic session program and make internal assessment and project work more ‘credible’ and ‘valid’.
  • According to an official order from Joseph Emmanuel, Director (Academic), CBSE, the first quarter exams will take place in November-December 2021 while the second quarter exams will take place in March-April 2022.
  • The 2021-2022 academic session program will be divided into two periods following a systematic approach to examine the interconnectivity of concepts and themes by subject matter experts.
  • The Board will conduct reviews at the end of each quarter according to the bifurcated schedule. This was done to increase the probability of having a class X and XII exam panel at the end of the academic session.
  • The 2021-22 board exam schedule will be streamlined in the same way as the last academic session to be reported in July 2021. Schools will also use an alternate academic calendar and input from NCERT to process the schedule.

It is “shocking” and “shocking” that people continue to be tried under section 66A of the Computer Law, according to SC

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021; The Supreme Court found it “distressing”, “shocking” and “terrible” that people continue to be arrested and tried under section 66A of the Information Technology Act, even six years after the Supreme Court annulled the provision as unconstitutional and a violation of freedom of expression.

  • Section 66A stipulated a three-year prison sentence if a social media post caused “annoyance” or was deemed “extremely offensive.” The Supreme Court, in the Shreya Singhal judgment drafted by Judge Rohinton F. Nariman in March 2015, concluded that the provision was vague and arbitrarily drafted.
  • On Monday, lead attorney Sanjay Parikh and attorney Aparna Bhat of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) said that the number of Article 66A cases actually increased after the ruling.
  • “What is happening is terrible, distressing! We will publish an opinion, ”exclaimed Judge Nariman, leading a three-judge panel that also includes Judges K.M. Joseph and B.R. Gavai.
  • Attorney General K.K. Venugopal noted that the law books published after the verdict featured the non-existent Article 66A “in its entirety.”
  • “The police officer, when registering a case, only looks at the section in the main text … The fact that the section has been crossed out is only given in a footnote …” Venugopal presented.
  • “And not being Mr. Venugopal, he [the police officer] does not read the footnote …” Judge Nariman said lightly. But Judge Nariman agreed with Parikh that “the situation is shocking.”
  • Parikh said the court should step in and develop a mechanism to disseminate Shreya Singhal’s ruling to all police stations and lower courts in the country.
  • “Yes, we will find something,” Judge Nariman assured. The government had two weeks to present its rejoinder and the PUCL had one week to present its rejoinder. The case would be scheduled for a hearing after that.

Gupkar alliance says disappointed with outcome of Delhi meeting with Prime Minister Modi

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021; The People’s Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration (PAGD), a merger of five political parties in Jammu and Kashmir, said on Monday it was disappointed with the outcome of its meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 24 in New Delhi.

“All members of the PGD expressed their disappointment with the outcome of the Delhi meeting, in particular the absence of substantial confidence-building measures (CBMs), such as the release of political and other prisoners from prisons and the adoption of measures concrete measures to end the siege. and the atmosphere of repression that has stifled J&K since 2019, ”

said Gupkar alliance spokesperson MY Tarigami.
  • He pointed out that the CBMs would have launched the necessary process to reach the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who were the main stakeholders and victims of the problem.
  • Hardening his stance on State Restoration, Tarigami said, “As far as State Restoration is concerned, this has been the BJP’s commitment in Parliament and they must keep their word.
  • Therefore, any election to the Assembly should only take place after the re-establishment of full state status for J&K. To this end, the PAGD has decided to approach other political parties of J&K, with a view to taking a common position on the issue ”
  • The PAGD, which held a series of meetings on Sunday, reiterated “to fight together to reverse the unconstitutional and unacceptable changes imposed on the residents of J&K on August 5, 2019 using all constitutional, legal and political means at their disposal.”
  • The Commission, which arrives on July 6 for a four-day visit, invited the political parties of the territory of the Union, in addition to the five members, including two deputies from the BJP and three from the NC. He solicited suggestions before redrawing the boundaries of seven new districts.

12 BJP MLA’s suspended from Maharashtra assembly for 1 year

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021; Twelve BJP MLAs were suspended from the Maharashtra assembly for a year for “abuse” and “misconduct” with the incumbent president, both inside and outside the assembly.

  • Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anil Parab introduced a resolution to suspend MPs and the House passed it by majority. The BJP, while boycotting the House, called it an act to suppress their voice and an attempt to reduce the number of opposition.
  • MPs, Dr Sanjay Kute, Ashish Shelar, Abhimanyu Pawar, Girish Mahajan, Atul Bhatkhalkar, Harish Pimple, Jaikumar Rawal, Yogesh Sagar, Narayan Kuche, Bunty Bhangdiya, Parag Alvani and Ram Satpute, will not be allowed to enter the facilities legislative. the next 12 months.
  • The outcry in the assembly arose when the tripartite government Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) introduced a resolution requesting empirical data on CBOs from the central government.
  • Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis raised an objection before Senior Minister Chhagan Bhujbal presented the resolution, saying the state government had not followed Supreme Court instructions for 15 months, resulting in the elimination of the CBO’s political reserve.
  • After allowing Fadnavis to speak, MP Sena Bhaskar Jadhav, who was chairman of the Presidency of Presidents, ordered Bhujbal to read the response and present the resolution.
  • As he denied Fadnavis the opportunity to respond to Bhujbal, agitated BJP MLA members rushed to his chair and attacked the microphone.
  • They also attempted to raise the scepter in front of the Speaker’s chair. The House was suspended for 10 minutes after the resolution was passed. It was then postponed three times for 15 minutes and once for 30 minutes.
  • However, the ruling coalition went ahead with the resolution, and the 12 MPs were subsequently suspended for a year.

The use of facial recognition to verify vaccine recipients was unauthorized

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021; Despite the fact that the Department of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) admitted in a recent response to an RTI request the use of facial recognition technology (FRT) for the online verification of beneficiaries in health centers.

  • Vaccination, has not provided any legislative or legal vaccination. order that authorizes the use of such technology. MoHFW also said that no privacy impact assessment of the use of the FRT had been conducted prior to its implementation.

“Facial recognition authentication is used as one of Aadhaar’s authentication methods for beneficiary online verification prior to Covid-19 vaccination, in which the facial model is captured and sent to the UIDAI for verification. Image of the recipient, “

the ministry said in response to an ITR. Registered by the non-profit organization Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF).
  • He also said that no additional contracts have been made for the implementation of FRT-based verification and that a pilot project for such authentication is still underway.
  • “However, the MoHFW did not specify any legislative or legal order authorizing the use of the FRT nor was it able to provide copies of a relevant privacy impact assessment,” the IFF said,
  • Adding that the response indicated that the use of the FRT for verification of the beneficiary, the data would comply with the terms provided in the “User Manual of the verification and immunization module” included in the CoWin portal. However, the manual was not available on the CoWin portal or on any open source website.
  • The IFF said the government was also unable to provide information on the accuracy of the FRT used, the third-party assessments that could have been conducted, and the exhaustive list of databases that facial recognition technology will link to to identify people.

Twitter broke new IT rules: from downtown to Delhi High Court

Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021; The central government informed the Delhi High Court on Monday that the microblogging site Twitter had failed to comply with Indian law regulating technology companies that provide their services as “intermediaries”.

  • The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity), in an affidavit filed in Superior Court, said that despite being given three months for all major social media intermediaries (SSMI) to comply with the rules information technology (IT) of 2021, Twitter has not fully met the same.
  • Twitter reported to the High Court last week that the Acting Resident Complaint Officer and Acting Nodal Contact Person in India had resigned from their positions in June. The tech giant said it was in the final stages to name a replacement, while “complaints from Indian users are handled by the complaints officer.”
  • The Meity, however, noted that according to details compiled on the Twitter website, India’s complaints are being handled by its staff located in the United States of America “amounting to a violation of the rules. IT 2021 “.
  • In India, Section 79 of the IT Act protects social media platforms or intermediaries such as Twitter from any liability for any third party information, data or communication link that is available or hosted in certain cases.
  • The ministry said that when an intermediary fails to comply with TI rules, the intermediary could be subject to any sanction under any law currently in force regarding offensive content.
  • The ministry said that the immunity granted to intermediaries is “conditional immunity” as long as the intermediary meets the various conditions. “The 2021 IT rules are the law of the land and Respondent 2 (Twitter) must abide by them,” it added.
  • Ministry’s affidavit came in response to a request from attorney Amit Acharya seeking to appoint a Resident Complaint Officer under Rule 4 of the 2021 Information Technology Rules (Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Code of Ethics). Acharya, in his guilty plea presented through attorneys Akash Vajpai and Manish Kumar, said that he wanted to regret two alleged “offensive and objectionable tweets” to the resident complaint officer.

Covid update: The number of reported coronavirus cases in India stood at 3,079,93,487 at the time of publication of this bulletin, with the death toll at 4,03,049.

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Judiciary FAQ’s Download

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Daily NEWS Summary | 05-07-2021
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