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Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021

Modi will launch the vaccination campaign on January 16

Representational Image of Vaccination

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the pan-Indian rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign on Jan. 16 at 10:30 a.m. via video conference, a statement released by the prime minister’s office on Thursday said.

  • It will be the largest vaccination program in the world which will cover the whole country far and wide. A total of 3006 session sites in all states and UTs will be virtually connected during the launch.
  • About a hundred beneficiaries will be vaccinated at each session site on the opening day.
  • The immunization program will use Co-WIN, an online digital platform developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which will provide real-time information on vaccine stocks, storage temperature, and individualized monitoring of vaccines.
  • This digital platform will assist program managers at all levels when conducting immunization sessions.
  • A dedicated 24/7 call center, 1075, has also been set up to respond to inquiries related to the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine launch and Co-WIN software.
  • Adequate doses of COVISHIELD and COVAXIN have already been delivered nationwide to all states / UTs with the active support of the Department of Civil Aviation.
  • These were also delivered by state governments / UTs to districts. All preparations are in place to start the Jan Bhagidari Principles program.

Government postpones polio vaccination program

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; The national polio vaccination program, in which polio drops are administered to children aged 0 to 5, has been postponed “until further notice” by the Center, citing “unforeseen activities”.

  • National Immunization Day (NID), commonly referred to as the polio immunization program, was scheduled for January 17 across India.
  • The Union Health Ministry communicated the decision to postpone the polio vaccination program to all states in a letter on January 9.
  • It is reported that due to unforeseen activities it is decided to postpone the planned round of the NID (National Immunization Day) against polio from January 17, 2021 until further notice.
  • Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Harsh Vardhan said on January 8 that the polio vaccination would take place on January 17.
  • The country will launch its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 from January 16.

Army detains Chinese soldier south of Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso Lake

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; A Chinese soldier was detained in the early hours of January 8 on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the area south of Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh, as the army said on Saturday.

  • The soldier of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had transgressed the LAC and had been detained by the Indian troops deployed in this area.
  • PLA soldier is being treated according to established procedures and the circumstances in which he crossed the LAC are being investigated.
  • Troops from both sides have been deployed throughout LAC since a stalemate broke out in May last year over “an unprecedented mobilization and advanced concentration of Chinese troops,” the army added.
  • In a similar incident in October last year, a Chinese soldier identified as Corporal Wang Ya Long was detained in the Demcok area and later handed over to the PLA.
  • Defense Ministry recently said that the army had completed “advanced winter storage” and that winter preparations and troops were “well entrenched to counter any mishap by Chinese forces.”
  • With temperatures dropping to minus 30 degrees Celsius and expected to drop further, both sides have sunk in the harsh winter.
  • In a preemptive move on August 29-30, the military seized control of some unoccupied heights in the Chushul sector of Thakung to Rechin La in Indian perception of LAC, thwarting the PLA’s attempts to dominate the heights and change status quo.
  • Since then, both sides have deployed troops and tanks within a few hundred meters in this area. The army has deployed around 50,000 troops along with tanks and other equipment along the disputed border in eastern Ladakh to match Chinese deployments since the fighting began.
Galwan Valley

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; Konchok Stanzin, Chushul’s adviser in eastern Ladakh, said Chinese infrastructure previously unseen from border villages is now clearly visible as China continues to occupy positions in areas where India perceives the actual line of control.

  • Stanzin said residents saw a large number of Chinese tents, bunkers and vehicles very close to the border villages of Chushul, Merak and Khakted, a clear break from the past.
  • Stanzin said that nomads living in villages near Pangong Tso (lake), one of several places where Indian and Chinese troops have stalled since April-May 2020, have not been able to access the winter pastures this year due to the heavy troop deployment.
  • Mr Stanzin, who won the recently concluded Ladakh Autonomous Development Council (LAHDC) as an independent, is part of a delegation from the Union territory that has been camping in Delhi for a week to make their various voices heard, petitions from the central government.
  • They met with the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, and the Minister of Defense, Rajnath Singh.
  • Ladakh was declared a Union Territory without a Legislature after the former state of Jammu and Kashmir was declassified and divided into two Union Territories on August 5, 2019 by Parliament.
  • At Black Top in South Pangong, where in 2018, there was only one camera on the Chinese side, today we regularly see Chinese vehicles and tents.
  • Whereas in other areas where they could reach the top in their vehicles, we cannot even carry our horses and porters due to the unfavorable terrain, said Mr. Stanzin.
  • He added that there are many places in the Finger region that have been occupied by the Chinese and if an aerial reconnaissance is done, it extends to the top of Finger 2. China has entered.
  • Approximately 8 km in the Finger area and Indian troops have not been able to patrol beyond Finger 4 since the last week of April 2020, when China began to accumulate troops. Previously, Indian troops could patrol up to finger 8.

PM-KISAN payments of ₹ 1,364 cr went to 20 lakh from “bad” beneficiaries – RTI information

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; PM-KISAN payments amounting to Rs 1,364 million were wrongly paid to more than 20 lakh of ineligible beneficiaries and farmers paying income taxes, according to information provided by the Ministry of Agriculture in response to an RTI request from activist Venkatesh Nayak. There are 11 million million beneficiaries registered under the scheme.

  • Punjab tops the list of states where unearned payments have been made, accounting for 23% of people who received money inappropriately. Maharashtra and Assam have also seen a large number of these payments. Several state departments of agriculture have been tasked with recovering unduly paid sums.
  • PM-KISAN is the Centre’s flagship program to provide income support worth Rs 6,000 per year to farming families. When launched just before the 2019 legislative elections, it was intended to cover only marginal small farmers who owned less than two hectares of farmland.
  • Later that year, large farmers were included in the program when the government removed the land size criteria.
  • However, some exclusions persisted. If a member of a farming family paid income taxes, received a monthly pension of more than Rs 10,000, held a constitutional mandate, or was an active or retired public employee, he was not eligible for the scheme.
  • Professionals and institutional owners were also excluded.
  • As of July 2020, 20.5 lakh of people who should have been excluded had received payments from PM-Kisan in error. According to the response of the Ministry of Agriculture to the RTI survey, 56% of these unworthy belonged to the category of “income tax recipients”, while the rest belonged to the category of “ineligible farmers”.
  • However, 72% of the payment amount went to income tax recipients, indicating that this category continued to receive money for multiple installments before their ineligibility status was discovered and removed. of the income tax base. Punjab (23%), Maharashtra (17%) and Assam (14%) accounted for more than half of recipients of incorrect payments, followed by Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh with 8% each.

BKU leader Mann quits SC committee on farm laws

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; Bhartiya Kisan Union President Bhupinder Singh Mann said on Thursday he would step down from the four-member committee appointed by the Supreme Court to resolve the deadlock between farmers and the Center on New Marketing Laws agricultural.

  • Farmers’ unions and opposition parties had raised questions about the composition of the panel, insisting that its members had supported the three laws in the past.
  • Mann said he was grateful to the higher court for appointing him to the panel, but would step down from any post to avoid the interests of farmers being compromised.
  • On Tuesday, the High Court suspended the application of the three central laws until further notice and announced the formation of a committee to hear farmers’ complaints and government opinion. In addition to Mr. Mann, Shetkari Sanghatana (Maharashtra) President Anil Ghanwat, Pramod Kumar Joshi of the International Food Policy Research Institute and agricultural economist Ashok Gulati were appointed to the panel.
  • Ministry of Agriculture rejects RTI’s request for consultations on the agricultural law, saying it is a pending procedure
  • In its response, the ministry cited the clause of the RTI Law that exempts information whose publication has been expressly prohibited by a court or whose disclosure constitutes contempt of court.
  • This follows an earlier response that stated that the ministry had no record of such inquiries.
  • RTI activist Anjali Bhardwaj submitted her request on December 11, asking for specific details about stakeholder consultations held before the Center enacted three ordinances on agricultural reforms in June.
  • Within 30 days to respond, two central public information officials in the ministry’s agricultural marketing divisions processed her request, saying they had no record of such inquiries.
  • On January 13, Bhardwaj received a new response from a CPIO that had previously submitted the request. “You are informed that the requested information has been challenged before several honorable higher courts, as well as the Supreme Court of India.
  • As such, being a pending case, it is possible that at this time it is not possible to provide information under section 8 (1) (b) of the RTI Act of 2005 ”, stated the CPIO, adding that the delay in the response was owes the Covid-19 situation.
  • Bhardwaj appealed the denial of information, noting that the law does not allow an exemption simply because a case is pending. The CPIO did not show that a court prohibited the disclosure of the information, she said.

Bird flu outbreak confirmed in 10 states so far: government

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; The Center said Monday that bird flu had been confirmed in 10 states so far and insisted on increased surveillance around bodies of water, live bird markets, zoos and poultry farms.

  • As of January 11, 2021, bird flu has been confirmed in 10 states across the country, the Department of Livestock and Dairy Production said in a statement.
  • The outbreak has been confirmed in seven states – Kerala, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh – as of January 10. On Monday, bird flu was also confirmed in Delhi, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra.

HAL to build 83 aircraft for IAF in largest indigenous defense contract

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; In what is in fact the largest contract to purchase a local defense product, the cabinet security committee that met on Wednesday approved the purchase of 83 MK 1A light combat aircraft (LCA) for the Indian Air Force (IAF).

  • The aircraft will be manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The native content of LCA-Tejas is 50% in the MK-1A variant and will be further improved to 60%, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said.
  • The first LCA MK-1A is expected to be deployed in 2023-24, after which HAL plans to increase the production rate to 16 aircraft per year.

Nepal wants ‘equality based friendship with India’, says Oli

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; Nepal wants an “equality-based friendship” with India, Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli said on Sunday. Addressing an extraordinary session of the Upper House of Parliament, Oli said Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali will visit India on January 14 to discuss the border dispute and various other matters.

  • He argued that the dissolution of the lower house, Pratinidhi Sabha, was necessary and that the government under his leadership will seek a new political mandate to ensure stability.
  • The announcement ended weeks of speculation about a groundbreaking visit to help rekindle the relationship that has been plagued by the Kalapani land dispute for nearly a year.
  • The dispute erupted after India released a new political map in November 2019 that prompted Nepal to submit a map claiming the Kalapani-Lipulekh-Limpiyadhura region of Pithoragarh.

Trump changes tune and says he is “scandalized by the chaos”

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; A day after supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol, Trump condemned the violence and acknowledged that a new administration would take office on January 20. The remarks were made in a video posted to his Twitter account, which had previously been suspended to prevent the president from inciting further violence.

  • A video of someone waving the Indian tricolor amid the violent assault on the United States Capitol had sparked much speculation. Now it has emerged that one of the people waving the tricolor was Vincent Xavier Palathingal, a Kerala from Kochi.
  • In a detailed Facebook post, Palathingal claimed he was protesting a “stolen election”. The post, in which he claimed he was not part of the violence, has now been withdrawn after people inside and outside Kerala criticized him, claiming he had insulted India by bringing the tricolor flag at a violent demonstration in which five people were killed.
  • Palathingal also posted images of himself with the Indian national flag near the Capitol, as well as other Trump supporters besieging the Capitol. Palathingal is also an active social media commentator on Kerala politics, with several articles criticizing the LDF government.
  • Twitter banned President Donald Trump’s account citing “the risk of further incitement to violence.” The social platform has come under increasing pressure to take more action against Trump in the wake of the deadly insurgency on the U.S. Capitol.
  • Twitter initially suspended Trump’s account for 12 hours after posting a video repeating false allegations of voter fraud and praising the rioters who stormed the Capitol.
  • Trump responded by promising that he and his support base will not be silenced. At the time of the final suspension, he had 88.7 million followers and was following 51 people.

US House of Representatives opens impeachment session against Donald Trump

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; The Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives on Wednesday opened debate on a historic second impeachment trial against President Donald Trump for the attack on his supporters on Capitol Hill that left five dead.

  • Legislators in the lower house are expected to vote for impeachment around 3 p.m. ET Wednesday (1:30 am IST Thursday), marking the official opening of proceedings against Trump.
  • Trump is set to be impeached for the second time in the unprecedented vote in the House, a week after encouraging a crowd of loyalists to “fight like hell” against the election results just before taking over assault America in a murderous siege.
  • While Trump’s first impeachment trial in 2019 did not generate Republican votes in the House, a small but significant number of leaders and lawmakers are breaking with the party to join the Democrats, claiming that Trump violated his oath to protect and defend American democracy.
  • At least five Republican lawmakers, including third-ranking Republican House leader Liz Cheney of Wyoming, have announced they will vote to impeach Trump, dividing the Republican leadership and the party itself.

Boeing 737-500 feared crashing after losing contact in Indonesia

Boeing 737-500 feared crashing

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; An Indonesian Sriwijaya Air plane reportedly crashed into the sea after the Boeing 737 lost contact with air traffic control in the capital Jakarta and flight tracking data suggests the plane sank in a sharp drop four minutes after takeoff.

  • It was not known how many passengers and crew were aboard Sriwijaya Air’s Boeing 737-500 when it left Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. It had a capacity of about 130 people.
  • However, 62 passengers and crew were on an unconfirmed manifest, including seven children and three babies, local media reported.
  • The usual flight time is about 90 minutes over the Java Sea between the island of Java and Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Data from FlightRadar24 indicates that the aircraft reached an altitude of nearly 11,000 feet (3,350 meters) before dropping to 250 feet. Then he lost contact with air traffic control.
  • Sriwijaya Air flight # SJ182 lost more than 10,000 feet in altitude in less than a minute, approximately 4 minutes after leaving Jakarta, the tracking agency said on its official Twitter account.
  • Kompas TV station quoted local fishermen as saying they found debris near the islands off Jakarta, but could not be immediately confirmed as belonging to the missing plane.
  • The low-cost carrier, which has about 19 Boeing jets flying to destinations in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, said it was investigating the loss of contact.
  • In October 2018, 189 people were killed when a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX crashed into the JavaSea approximately 12 minutes after taking off from Jakarta on a routine one-hour flight.
  • The accident, and a subsequent fatal flight to Ethiopia, saw Boeing pay $ 2.5 billion in fines for defrauding regulators overseeing the Model 737 MAX, which was grounded worldwide as a result of the two fatal accidents.

Hong Kong grants bail to detained pro-democracy activists

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; Hong Kong officials said on Friday they had released bail to most of the 55 pro-democracy activists arrested this week in a broad crackdown on dissent. One of the activists said they could still be charged under a strict national security law.

  • The activists have been accused of participating in an unofficial primary election last year that authorities say was part of a plan to paralyze the Legislative Council and overthrow state power.
  • The primary was aimed at choosing the best candidates to participate, as the pro-democracy camp sought to win the most seats.
  • Wednesday’s mass arrests were the biggest move against Hong Kong’s democracy movement since Beijing imposed the National Security Law on the semi-autonomous territory last June to stifle dissent after months of anti-government protests in 2019.
  • Three of the 55 people arrested have not been released: activists Joshua Wong and Tam Tak-chi, who were already in jail on separate charges, and former chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Wu Chi-wai, who remained in detention. by respecting the conditions of the deposit. in a separate protest case.
  • Police said none of the activists arrested Wednesday on charges of subversion under the security law had been formally charged. Former pro-democracy lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting told reporters that decisions whether or not to prosecute people in Hong Kong are not based on evidence, but on a “political decision” by officials.

SC will hear a plea against the “obligatory nature”  of confessions to priests

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to consider a petition filed by a group of women against the obligatory nature of sacred confessions to priests in Christianity.

  • Appearing before a tribunal chaired by Chief Justice of India S.A. Bobde, the petitioners’ chief attorney, Mukul Rohatgi, said “confessions are being misused”.
  • But Chief Justice Bobde said the veracity of such claims would depend on the individual facts in each case. “There can be no rule for imposing confessions on a devotee … Women are forced to confess before the priest … The court must see if confessions are an integral part of religion,” Rohatgi continued. The lead lawyer said the forced confessions violated the right to privacy.
  • When asked why he should intervene on an obviously ecclesiastical matter like this, the court asked him, Rohatgi reminded the court of his interventions on matters relating to the personal laws and customs of communities such as the Bohra and Parsi Muslims.
  • He said the court could consider the issues raised in the petition, as they fell within the realm of faith, women’s rights and equality raised in a nine-judge constitutional court in the Sabarimala case.
  • He looked for more time to amend the petition and add more facts.
  • Attorney General K.K. Venugopal, when asked for an opinion by the court, said the whole problem stems from the Jacobite-Orthodox dispute.
  • The Supreme Court had confirmed the validity of the 1934 Constitution of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Malankara to govern parishes under the Church. He suggested that the High Court of Kerala should listen to him. “The High Court of Kerala knows the whole story of the case,” he said.

SC says he intends to enforce agricultural laws

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; The Supreme Court said on Monday it intends to suspend implementation of controversial farm laws while offering to form an independent committee chaired by a former Indian chief justice to “amicably resolve” the impasse between the protesting farmers and the Union government.

  • A three-judge bench led by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Sharad A. Bobde stressed his “disappointment” with the way the Center handled the farmers’ protest, including the series of failed talks, states “in rebellion”, suicides among protesters and the sight of elderly farmers, women and children suffering from the biting cold amid the pandemic, even as Republic Day draws near.
  • Meanwhile, the Center filed an urgent affidavit stating that a misconception is spreading that the government did not hold discussions or consultations with any committee before the farm laws were passed.
  • The agriculture ministry said it was a “bad idea” spread by protesters and most farming communities were happy with the laws.
  • In another development, Delhi Police, in a separate intervention before the Supreme Court, sought an injunction against any demonstration of tractors by farmers on Republic Day.

Adultery cannot be decriminalized for the armed forces, the government. says SC

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; The Supreme Court on Wednesday admitted a petition filed by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to exempt armed forces personnel from the scope of a 2018 Constitutional Court ruling that decriminalized adultery.

  • A three-judge tribunal led by Judge Rohinton Fali Nariman said the guilty plea should be considered by a Constitutional court because the initial verdict, which overturns Section 497 (adultery) of the Indian Penal Code, was rendered by a court of five judges in September. 2018.
  • The court returned the case to the Chief Justice of India for appropriate orders to form a five-judge panel to clarify the impact of the 2018 ruling on the armed forces.
  • The government said in the petition that army, navy and air force personnel are a “separate class.” They were governed by special laws, the Army Law, the Navy Law and the Air Force Law.
  • Adultery amounted to inappropriate behavior and a violation of discipline under all three laws. These special laws imposed restrictions on the fundamental rights of personnel, who acted in a particular situation that required the greatest discipline.
  • All three laws were protected by article 33 of the Constitution, which authorized the government to modify the basic rights of armed forces personnel. The 2018 ruling created “instability,” he said, as it allowed staff accused of having an adulterous or illicit relationship to cover themselves under the sentence.
  • The discipline necessary for the performance of their duties, crucial to national security, would be broken and the provisions of the laws should be able to continue to govern personnel as a “separate class” regardless of the 2018 ruling, according to the petition.

Publishing a notice under the Special Marriage Act is optional; a mandatory notice invades privacy: Allahabad HC

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; In an important ruling affecting interfaith couples seeking marriage under the 1954 Special Marriage Act, the Allahabad High Court ruled that it would be optional and not mandatory for them to publish a notice of their intended marriage.

  • The provision regarding the mandatory publication of the opinion, derived from a “simplistic reading” of the law in question, “would infringe the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy, including within its scope the freedom to choose to marry without interference from the State and actors. non-state, the people affected, ”the court said in a ruling issued on January 12.
  • Since the case concerns the protection of the fundamental rights of a large number of people, the judge ordered the chief clerk of the court to send a copy of the order to the U.P. Chief Secretary. The same should be communicated “to all state marriage officials and other competent authorities as soon as possible.”
  • Judge Vivek Chaudhary ordered that, in giving notice under section 5 of the Special Marriage Act of 1954, it be optional for the parties to the proposed marriage to request in writing from the marriage officer whether or not to publish a notice under the section 6 and follow the opposition procedure prescribed by law.
  • The requirement to post a notice under section 6 and to invite or receive objections under section 7 can only be read as a directory in nature, which can only be done at the request of the parties to the intended marriage and not otherwise, the court observed. in a sentence of 47 pages.

ICC condemns incident of alleged racism, requests report from Cricket Australia

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Sunday condemned the alleged incidents of racism against Indian players that took place during the ongoing third test match between Australia and India at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

  • The international cricket body has also requested a detailed report from Cricket Australia, which is investigating the matter. ICC chief Manu Sawhney, in a press release issued on Sunday, said there was no room for racism in cricket.
  • Under the ICC’s anti-discrimination policy, Cricket Australia will now be required to investigate the issue and provide a report to the ICC on the incident and any action taken to ensure the issue has been adequately addressed.
  • On the fourth day, play was halted for a few minutes after the Indian team complained that few spectators allegedly used racist slurs against Mohammed Siraj in the second session.
  • Mohammed Siraj stops the match to lodge a formal complaint with referee Paul Reiffel about some spectators in the bay behind his position on the pitch on day four of the third test match of the series between Australia and the India at Sydney Cricket Ground on January 10, 2021.
  • Local media reported that six people were thrown to the ground by security during the nearly 10-minute break in the process on the ground. Australian coach Justin Langer also condemned the unpleasant incident.

In Brief

Weekly NEWS Summary | 8-14 Jan 2021; At least four NGOs working for survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984 wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday to demand that ongoing clinical trials for Covaxin, a locally developed Covid-19 vaccine, be stopped in the capital since.

  • Madhya Pradesh for “serious violation of laws and guidelines”. In letters to Union Prime Minister and Minister of Health Harsh Vardhan, these NGOs also sought to punish “responsible parties who have acted negligently in ensuring the safety, well-being and rights of people. trial participants “.

Bombay mastermind and Lashkar-e-Taiba operations commander Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Friday by a Pakistani counterterrorism court in a terrorist financing case. “Lahore Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) convicted Lakhvi of committing terrorist financing offenses in a case registered by the CTD for 15 years under different sections of the 1997 anti-terrorism law,” a court official said. to PTI after the hearing.

Former Chief Minister of Gujarat and former Union Minister Madhavsinh Solanki died in Gandhinagar on Saturday. He was 94 years old. Four times Prime Minister, he was one of the pillars of the Congress of Gujarat, where the party won the last legislative elections under his leadership in 1985.

  • The party won 148 seats in the Assembly, which remains a record in state policy. He was also Union Minister in the government of Rajiv Gandhi. Solanki dominated Gujarat politics for decades and was considered a powerful politician and mass leader in the state.
  • His KHAM (Kshatriya, Harijan, Adivasi, Muslim) social engineering theory proved to be a powerful basis in electoral politics which won the crushing victories of Congress over two decades. Solanki’s son, Bharatsinh Solanki, also served as Union Minister at the UPA and was twice President of the Gujarat Congress.

For the first time in several decades, the Indian Republic Day festivities will take place on Rajpath without a foreign leader being the main guest. Due to the global COVID-19 situation, it was decided not to have a foreign head of state or government as the main guest of R-Day, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was supposed to be the main guest of the R-Day event. However, he had to cancel his visit due to the COVID-19 situation in his country.

Foreign leaders have graced Republic Day parades every year except 1952, 1953, and 1966. Then-Indonesian President Sukarno was the first major guest to honor Republic Day in 1950. In 2020, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was the main guest. In 2018, all leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), including 10 heads of state, attended the Republic Day parade.

Google said Thursday it removed some personal loan apps from its app store after reviewing hundreds of those apps for violating user security policies. This decision must be the result of the southern reports of names, applications of this type, which are the countries of the pre-authorizations, which are the entrepreneurs eligible for the purpose of offering the loans at very high interest rates, and then using measures extremes to get the money back.

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Judiciary FAQ’s Download

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