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Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021

Disha Ravi gets bail in “Toolkit” case

Disha Ravi

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Delhi court granted bail to climate activist Disha Ravi, arrested for allegedly participating in sharing a “toolkit” on the ongoing farmers’ protest against three agricultural laws on social media.

  • The 22-year-old girl was arrested on February 13 and sent to five days in police custody on February 14. After ending police custody on February 19, she was taken into custody for three days, which expired on Monday.
  • According to Delhi Police, Ravi is the publisher of the “Google Doc Toolkit” and was a key conspirator in the formulation and dissemination of the document.
  • It is alleged that she created a WhatsApp group to create the toolkit document in conjunction with a pro-Khalistani organization, the Poetic Justice Foundation, to spread discontent against the Indian state.
  • Ravi, in her defense in court, said she had just changed two lines of the toolbox and supported the farmers and had been swayed by their protests as the farmers provided food.
  • The court’s bail order read: “In the absence of any evidence that the plaintiff / defendant accepted or shared a common goal of causing violence on 01/26/2021 with the founders of the PJF (Poetic Justice Foundation), no it cannot be presumed to have recourse to conjectures or conjectures that it also supported secessionist tendencies or the violence provoked on 01/26/2021, simply because she shared a platform with people, who came together to oppose the legislation. There is not an iota of evidence that was presented to me which links the perpetrators of the violence of 01/26/2021 with the said PJF or the plaintiff / accused ”.
  • Further, it noted, “reading the ‘toolkit’ reveals that any call for any kind of violence is clearly absent. In my opinion, the citizens are the guardians of the conscience of government in any democratic nation. They cannot be put behind bars just because they choose to disagree with state policies. “
  • Earlier, Ravi said through his lawyer: “If highlighting the protest by farmers around the world is sedition, I would be better off in jail.
  • The Swedish activist’s previous tweets, first sharing and then deleting the toolkit, had drawn public attention to the advocacy document. On Friday, Thunberg’s statement of support was released as part of a discussion thread from Fridays For Future (FFF) India, the environmental group with which Ravi was aligned.

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Passes Religious Conversion Bill

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Amid opposition protests, the Uttar Pradesh Legislature voted through a bill aimed at curbing religious conversions through fraudulent or inappropriate means, including marriage.

  • Uttar Pradesh’s 2021 Prohibition on Conversion to Illegal Religions Bill seeks to replace the ordinance promulgated in November last year that provides for prison terms of up to 10 years and a Maximum fine of 50,000 rupees for offenders.
  • Under the bill, a marriage will be declared “null and void” if the conversion is solely for that purpose, and those who wish to change their religion after marriage must file an application with the district magistrate.
  • The bill mainly provides that no person may convert, directly or indirectly, from one religion to another through the use or practice of false statements, force, undue influence, coercion, seduction or by any fraudulent means or by marriage, or by any person inducing, convincing or plotting such a conversion.
  • The onus of proving that the conversion was not carried out by force will rest with the person accused of the act and the convert, Court said. Supreme Court rejects another chance for UPSC applicants
  • The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to give another chance to applicants to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) whose last attempt to pass the civil service exam was hampered by restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic in October of the past year.
  • We have dismissed the motion shortly, said Judge Ajay Rastogi, one of the judges on the bench headed by Judge A.M. Khanwilkar announced shortly after that the court was meeting for a virtual session.
  • Judge Rastogi, however, appreciated the efforts of attorney Anushree Prashit Kapadia, the applicants’ attorney. “Ms. Kapadia, you argued well. You were very clear on the facts, Judge Rastogi told her.
  • The government had objected to giving candidates another chance, saying that reducing the age or number of attempts would trigger an endless cycle of requests for similar relief, with each candidate asking for an additional opportunity. The judicial official argued that everyone felt the difficulties during the pandemic evenly.
  • The hearings in the case had been a roller coaster ride, with the government initially denying room to maneuver, but then, at the court’s gentle suggestion, offered to give the latter another chance on the condition that they have not yet crossed the age barrier.
  • On February 5, the government side said it “agreed” to grant “ex gratia, a one-time, limited relief” to UPSC candidates who took the 2020 civil service exam as their “last authorized attempt.”
  • However, the case took a different turn when the applicants also called for a loosening of the age, prompting the government to revert to its original position.

Terrorism is a crime against humanity, according to Jaishankar

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Terrorism is a “crime against humanity,” Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said Tuesday. Addressing the high-level segment of the 46th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), he said that India’s commitment to human rights is seen in the way the government handled the pandemic.

  • The minister’s comments come days after India reacted angrily to remarks by special rapporteurs on minority issues and freedom of religion or belief about the apparent erosion of human rights in Kashmir and the rest of India. The ministry called the remarks “deplorable.”

China arrests three bloggers for ‘insulting’ dead PLA men in Galwan

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Chinese officials said they arrested three people for “insulting” Chinese soldiers who died in clashes in the Galwan Valley last year, a day after Beijing officially confirmed the deaths.

  • Among those arrested was Qiu Ziming (38), an investigative journalist who previously worked at The Economic Observer. Mr. Qiu was arrested on Saturday in Nanjing, where he lives, after questioning the official Chinese account of the Galwan clashes.
  • On Friday, the Chinese military paid tribute to five People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers, including four killed and a wounded regiment commander, during the clash on June 15, 2020, which marked the worst violence on the Indochinese border since 1967. Twenty Indian soldiers have lost their lives in the fighting.
  • In messages to his 2.5 million followers on Weibo, the equivalent of Twitter used in China, he suggested that the death toll would have been higher than four because according to the official account, some of the soldiers died on the way to help the women. troops in difficulty, who, in his opinion, would also have suffered losses.
  • He also wondered why the announcement had taken eight months, when India, on the other hand, quickly recognized the 20 dead Indian soldiers. India’s quick announcement, he wrote, suggested that “in India’s view, they won and paid a lower price.”
  • Nanjing police issued a message on Saturday saying he was arrested for “spreading false information and besmirching the four dead heroes and one who was injured while dealing with the illegal raid. Indian Army.”
  • Subsequently, Mr. Qiu’s social media account was suspended. His arrest was one of the most talked about topics online, with 730 million views Sunday night.
  • A second blogger was arrested in Beijing on Sunday for comments made during a group chat on WeChat, China’s social media and messaging app.
  • Police in the capital said they received a report “from a 28-year-old man, surnamed Chen, who posted insulting remarks at a panel discussion about PLA soldiers killed during the illegal intrusion of the Indian army into the Galwan Valley.”
  • The comments drew the ire of other members of the group,” reported the Global Times, “who then reported his comments to the police.
  • A third person, identified as a 25-year-old man named Yang, was arrested in Sichuan province, southwest of Mianyang city, after being denounced by Internet users for posting “slander against PLA soldiers who fought in the border confrontation with India.
  • Yang confessed to the police the next day, and was sentenced to seven days in detention, “said a statement from law enforcement officials.

China expresses support for India to host BRICS summit in 2021

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; On February 22, China expressed support for India to host this year’s BRICS summit and said it would work with New Delhi to strengthen cooperation among the five-member group from emerging economies.

  • India has assumed the presidency of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) for 2021 and is expected to host this year’s summit.
  • On February 19, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar launched the Indian BRICS 2021 website at the BRICS Secretariat at Sushma Swaraj Bhawan in New Delhi.
  • When asked about India’s accession to the BRICS presidency this year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin Beijing endorsed New Delhi as the venue for the summit.
  • However, he did not say whether Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the summit scheduled to be held later this year.

India and China kick off 10th round of talks on next phase of disengagement

Galwan Valley

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; India and China began the 10th round of talks with corps commanders on Saturday to reach an agreement on the next phase of disengagement. The talks began in Moldo, on the Chinese side, at 10 a.m., a defense official said.

  • On Friday, the two sides completed the disconnection and land restoration on the north and south coasts of Pangong Tso, in line with the agreement reached in the ninth round of talks. The other hot spots are Gogra, Hot Springs, and Depsang Plains.
  • This round of talks is expected to focus on Gogra and Hot Springs, where a partial disconnect already took place in June-July last year.
  • For the disconnection at Pangong Tso Lake, the two parties had worked out a step-by-step agreement.

Nepalese Prime Minister Oli is in no mood to resign, ready to face Parliament (civil servant)

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Nepalese Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli will not immediately step down and implement the Supreme Court’s verdict against him as he faces Parliament that will meet in two weeks, an official representing the ailing prime minister said on February 24.

  • In a landmark decision, a five-member constitutional court headed by Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher reversed on February 23 the “unconstitutional” decision of the Oli government to dissolve the 275 members of the Lower House of Parliament.
  • The court also ordered the government to convene the House session within the next 13 days.
  • Nepal plunged into political crisis on December 20 after President Bidya Devi Bhandari dissolved the chamber and announced new elections on April 30 and May 10 on the recommendation of Prime Minister Oli, amid a power struggle in the country within the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (NCP).

India and Pakistan agree to stop filming throughout LoC

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; India and Pakistan said on Thursday that they had agreed to “strictly adhere to all agreements, understandings and a cessation of shooting along the Line of Control (LoC) and all other sectors ”from February 24 to 25 at midnight.

  • This was agreed by the directors general of military operations (DGMOs) of the two countries during discussions over the established hotline, according to the joint statement.
  • Stating that the two sides reviewed the situation throughout LoC and all other sectors in a free, frank and cordial atmosphere, the statement added that the two sides reiterated that “the existing mechanisms for telephone contact and of pavilion meetings will be used to resolve any unforeseen circumstances. situation. or misunderstandings. “
  • With a sharp increase in shootings in the LoC and other areas by both sides in recent years, this agreement re-commits the two countries to the 2003 ceasefire agreement.
  • Under the existing mechanism, there are has a weekly discussion by each part of the officers of the Armed Forces. Operations management every Tuesday, but DGsMO takes the floor when one of the parties requests a conversation.
  • According to information provided by the government to Parliament, there were 5,133 cases of ceasefire violations (CFVs) throughout the LOC last year which left 46 people dead.
  • There have been 299 ceasefire violations up to January 28 of this year and one death. Casualties were reported as of February 1.
  • This is the first long-publicized contact between India and Pakistan. The last meeting between the prime ministers of the two countries took place on Christmas Day 2015, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lahore on an unannounced visit.

Government announces new rules on social media

Representational Image of Social Media

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; With the stated intention of preventing the misuse of social media, the Union government announced new rules that require platforms such as WhatsApp to help the government identify the “sender” of certain messages containing illegal information, within the timeframe required by social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to remove this content within 36 hours of notification.

  • According to the Information Technology Rules (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Code of Ethics for Digital Media), 2021, social media platforms must also provide information, including information related to identity verification, to agencies legally authorized within 72 hours.
  • The rules, the draft of which was published in 2018, are slowly coming closer after a brawl between the government and Twitter over the removal of some content related to the ongoing farmer protests.
  • The government has also been at odds with WhatsApp for more than two years on the issue of finding the sender of the messages.
  • In the past, the Facebook-owned company has refused to comply with the government’s request to trace the origin of a bogus post, saying the move would undermine the private nature of the platform.
  • The published rules established that intermediaries who primarily provide messaging services “would allow the identification of the first sender of information on their computing resource”, as required by a court order or an order approved under section 69. of the law on data processing by the Competent Authority.

Union Cabinet Recommends President’s Reign in Pondicherry

Gandhi Statue Pudducherry

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; The Union cabinet on Wednesday approved a proposal to impose presidential rule in Pondicherry. The assembly will be dissolved with the president’s permission, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar told a press conference. The model code of conduct will begin in a few days and there will be elections, he added.

  • Pondicherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy, who led the congressional government, resigned on February 22 before the vote of confidence after his ministry was reduced to a minority following a series of resignations by his party’s MPs and a DMK legislator in recent days.
  • The mandate of the current assembly expires in two months and no opposition party was willing to complain. The president formally accepted the resignation of Narayanasamy, as well as those of his Council of Ministers, on February 23.
  • Pondicherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy submitted his resignation to Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan on Monday after it became clear that he had lost the confidence of the House.
  • A motion of confidence presented by Narayanasamy to the Assembly was not put to a vote. However, spokesperson V.P. Sivakolandhu announced that he was beaten after the prime minister, questioning the voting rights of the three appointed members, led a strike by ruling congress-DMK legislators.
  • 14 opposition MLAs from All India N. R. Congress (7), AIADMK (4) and BJP (3 appointed) were in the House when the President issued his ruling.
  • The resignations of half a dozen lawmakers, five from Congress, including two ministers, and one from the DMK, in recent weeks and the disqualification of a lawmaker from Congress last year had reduced the government to a minority.
  • The House’s strength had dropped from 26 to 33 as the opposition outnumbered the ruling alliance: Congress (9 including the president), DMK (2), and Independiente (1).

IMA “shocked” by Patanjali’s claim about Coronil; asks Harsh Vardhan for an explanation

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Monday expressed shock and dismay over what it described as a “blatant WHO certification lie” for Patanjali’s Coronil tablet, which the company said can be used to combat the Covid-19.

  • They also asked Health Minister Harsh Vardhan for an explanation about his attendance at the event where Coronil was launched last week.
  • The Association’s two-page note comes after the World Health Organization clarified that it “has not reviewed or certified the efficacy of a traditional drug for the treatment of Covid-19.”
  • Last Friday, Ramdev launched the product in the presence of Vardhan and Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways and Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • The IMA said it was shocked to see the “blatant lie” of the certification of a “secret medicine” released in the presence of the Minister of Health, who is also a doctor. The country “needs an explanation” from him, he said in a statement.
  • This claim is a blatant deception of the people of the country. The Association will write to the National Medical Commission to request a suo motu explanation for its flagrant lack of respect for the code of conduct.
  • The IMA asked the Minister of Health: “How appropriate and rational is it to publish such false projections in front of the whole country?”
  • As the country’s health minister, how justified is it to publish a falsely manufactured unscientific product?
  • How ethical is it to promote the product in an unethical, incorrect and incorrect way across the country?
  • As a modern physician, how ethical is it to promote a non-scientific product? “
  • They said that if Coronil was effective, why was the government spending 35 billion rupees on vaccination?
  • The AYUSH ministry previously stated that Coronil can only be sold as an immunity booster and not as a remedy.

Google urged to compensate Indian newspapers for their content

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Indian Newspaper Society (INS) has urged Google India to compensate print publishers for the use of the news because it is proprietary content generated by them. In a letter to Google India Country Director Sanjay Gupta on Wednesday, INS President L. Adimoolam presented various proposals to Google.

  • Noting discussions between the INS digital committee and the Google team over the past six months, he said they helped clarify strategic and collaborative possibilities between news publishers and Google.
  • Highlighting some of the concerns, he said the print media industry has invested heavily in journalism, which is at the heart of news operations. Indian publishers provided quality journalism with credible information that Google crawlers shared with their readers.
  • While print publishers have deployed several journalists to the field to ensure credible information is covered, publisher-generated content that appears on Google is unpaid.
  • Google should pay publishers for the use of information generated by print media publishers, Adimoolam said.
  • Google should also consider increasing the publisher’s ad revenue share to 85% and ensuring more transparency in its revenue reporting. In the digital space, publishers only have a small portion because Google takes a huge portion of the ad spend, he said.
  • The INS also called on Google to give more weight to the editorial content of registered news publishers to fight fake news. Indeed, Google collected content from sites that were not credible and helped spread fake news.
  • Adimoolam also pointed out that publishers around the world have raised similar issues. Google had recently agreed to pay publishers in France, the EU and Australia.
  • The INS urged Google to view the proposals favorably, because vibrant print media is the backbone of any democracy.

RIL-Future Agreement: NCLT May Continue Proceeding, But Cannot Approve Final Order, Says SC

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; On Monday, the Supreme Court allowed further proceedings in the National Company Law Court (NCLT) over the proposed settlement of Rs 24,713 million between Future Group and Reliance Industries, but ordered the court to refrain from approve any “final sanctioning order of the plan.”

  • Large e-commerce firm Amazon, which opposes the multi-crore deal, had recently moved the NCLT against Future Group’s demand to hold a meeting of its shareholders or creditors to approve the deal with Reliance.
  • On Monday, a high court headed by Judge Rohinton Nariman also issued a notice on a petition filed by Amazon, to stay the execution of an order of the Delhi High Court of February 8, which set aside an order. prior to Future Group to maintain “status quo” in the sale of its retail assets to Reliance Industries.
  • In their order, the Bench, while giving notice to Future Retail and other parties that Amazon treat as defendants, said they would have two weeks to file their complaint, while Amazon had one week to file its complaint replies thereafter.
  • The case will be heard after three weeks. In its motion challenging the February 8 Superior Court order, Amazon, represented by lead counsel Gopal Subramanium, said the order was “ex-facie arbitrary and illegal.”
  • It was approved by a division chamber of the Superior Court in an appeal filed by Future Retail Limited (FRL).

Google fires another employee of ethical AI team

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Google, of Alphabet Inc, on Friday fired scientist Margaret Mitchell, the two said, a move that has fueled the company’s divisions over academic freedom and diversity that have been displayed since the December sacking of the artificial intelligence ethics researcher Timnit Gebru, Reuters reported.

  • Google said in a statement that Mitchell violated the company’s code of conduct and security policies by moving electronic files outside of the company.
  • Google’s AI work ethic has come under intense scrutiny since the dismissal of Gebru, a scientist who rose to prominence for exposing biases in facial analysis systems.
  • The dismissal sparked an uproar from thousands of Google employees.

Reliance expects approvals for the spin-off of the oil and chemicals business in the second quarter

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Reliance Industries Ltd expects to obtain the necessary approvals to consolidate its oil-to-chemicals (O2C) business into a separate unit by the second quarter of next fiscal year, the company said in an investor presentation on Monday.

  • The company had started the process of dividing the O2C business at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic caused a drop in fuel demand and weighed on the segment’s recent results. Reliance, owned by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, will retain full control of the company after the restructuring, the company said at the filing.
  • The Mumbai-based conglomerate also announced its goal of working with company O2C to reduce its carbon footprint and become ‘net carbon zero’ by 2035.

Dr. Reddy’s initiates the emergency use authorization process for Sputnik V

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. announced on Friday that it has initiated the process with the Comptroller General of Drugs of India (DCGI) for the Emergency Use Authorization (USA) of the human adenoviral vector vaccine candidate Sputnik V.

  • GV Prasad, Co-President and General Manager of Dr. Reddy Labs said: “The effectiveness of Sputnik V has been reported at 91.6% by The Lancet, which is an impressive development in the fight against COVID-19. Launching the USA process will be a crucial step for us to ensure rapid access to Sputnik V vaccine in India.
  • Sputnik V was the world’s first registered vaccine against Covid-19 based on the human adenoviral vector platform.

Uber drivers enjoy workers’ rights, the UK’s highest judicial authority

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; A group of Uber drivers are entitled to workers’ rights, such as the minimum wage, the UK Supreme Court ruled on Friday in a blow to the ride-sharing service that has ramifications for millions more in the casual jobs economy.

  • In a case led by two former Uber drivers, a London labor court ruled in 2016 that these were rights that also included paid time off and breaks.
  • Uber drivers are currently treated as self-employed, which means that the law gives them only minimal protections.
  • A total of 25 drivers were part of the case, and Uber said the verdict did not apply to all of its 60,000 current drivers in Britain, including 45,000 in London, one of its most important world markets.
  • Uber shares fell 3.4% in pre-market trading after the court announcement.
  • The odd-job economy, where people tend to work for one or more work-for-work companies, has been criticized by unions for calling it exploitative, while companies say many of those who work there appreciate the flexibility.
  • Uber has faced opposition from unions and challenges with its business model in several countries as it disrupts the taxi market.
  • In November, however, he saw a challenge in his local California market, where voters backed a voting proposal that cemented app-based food delivery and the status of transport drivers as independent contractors, and not as employees.

Djokovic wins ninth Australian Open title, third in a row

Novak Djokovic

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; Novak Djokovic won another Australian Open title, making him nine league wins out of nine finals. The Serbian continues to gain ground over Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the Grand Slam standings, now at 18 overall, two behind the men’s record shared by his two rivals.

  • Djokovic exhausted Medvedev with a combination of excellent serve and his usual relentless comeback and grassroots supremacy, scoring 11 of 13 games in a row for a third consecutive trophy at Melbourne Park.
  • Some stats from the Associated Press – The 33-year-old Serbian improved to 18-0 in the semifinals and hard final at the Australian Open.
  • Looking at the big picture, Djokovic has won six of the last 10 majors and is certain to remain No.1 in the table until at least March 8.
  • That will give him 311 weeks in first place, beating Federer’s mark. Medvedev, ranked No.4 in his second Grand Slam final, was Nadal’s finalist at the 2019 US Open, but is still trying to win his first such championship.
  • Djokovic ended the 25-year-old Russian’s 20-game winning streak. Medvedev had also won his previous 12 games against Top 10 opponents.

Japan’s Naomi Osaka beat Jennifer Brady in straight sets to win the Australian Open in dominant style for her fourth Grand Slam title on Saturday.

  • Osaka won in a tight first set, but controlled the second to win 6-4, 6-3 in 77 minutes in front of thousands of fans at Rod Laver Arena.
  • The third seed Osaka retains his 100% record in the Grand Slam final after winning the 2018 and 2020 US Open and the 2019 title in Melbourne.

The Sardar Patel stadium in Motera is renamed Narendra Modi

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; The world’s largest cricket stadium, Motera in Ahmedabad, was renamed Narendra Modi Stadium. It was inaugurated on Wednesday by Indian President Ram Nath Kovind in the presence of Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, Chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani and others.

  • The inauguration took place hours before the start of the third day-night event between India and England, the first international match on the new venue.
  • The stadium is part of the sprawling Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel sports enclave, which will feature the ‘largest’ cricket stadium in the world, a natatorium (indoor swimming pool), athletics and athletics facilities, a hockey , tennis, bcorridors and arenas, velodrome / skating rink and outdoor grounds.
  • The facility spans 200 acres on the bank of the Sabarmati River northeast of Ahmedabad.
  • The renovated Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, created by the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA), is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project.
  • The old 49,000-seat stadium was known as Sardar Patel Cricket Stadium, Motera. The new stadium has a capacity of 110,000 seats.
  • Shortly after the Motera Stadium was renamed in honor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted: “Magnificent as the truth turns out, Narendra Modi Stadium – End Adani – End Reliance – Chaired by Jay Shah. #HumDoHamareDo”.
  • With the stadium’s two main bleachers named after Reliance and Adani, Gandhi’s tweet was referring to the two ‘ends’ from which players ran towards the gate and bowl: the ‘Reliance End’ and the ‘Adani End’.
  • Jay Shah, president of the BCCI, is the son of the Secretary of the Interior of the Union, Amit Shah. Gandhi had previously told parliament that Modi’s regime was a “Hum Do, Hamare Do” government.

Covid updates

Representational Image of Vaccination

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a tweet that it had not certified any traditional medicine for the treatment of COVID-19. The statement comes after Patanjali Ayurved’s recent statements about the certification of his product, Coronil, by the world health body.

  • Coronil has received the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CoPP) from the Ayush Section of the Central Organization for the Control of Pharmaceutical Standards in accordance with the WHO certification system, said a statement issued by Patanjali.
  • Ayush’s ministry had recommended additional therapies, including the Coronil tablet, as an “accompanying measure (immune booster) in Covid-19.” Patanjali Ayurved introduced the Ayurveda-based Coronil on June 23, 2020.
  • People over 60 and over 45 with comorbidities will be vaccinated against COVID-19 starting on March 1, the Union government announced on Wednesday.
  • After a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that 10 million people would be vaccinated in this category and the vaccine would be given free of charge in 10,000 government centers and more. than 20,000 private centers.
  • The Center would purchase doses and ship them to all states for government medical facilities. For those who had completed 28 days after receiving the first dose, the second dose began on February 13. Vaccination of frontline workers began on February 2.

In Brief

Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021; The BJP swept polls of local urban bodies in Gujarat, winning the six municipal corporations of Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar, the results of which were announced on Tuesday.

  • The ruling party won 69 of 76 seats in Vadodara, 68 of 72 in Rajkot, 50 of 64 in Jamnagar and 44 of 52 in Bhavnagar in its biggest victory in the state’s civic bodies.
  • In Surat, the parties won 93 of the 120 seats, while in Ahmedabad, where the count is under way, the Saffron Party is expected to win at least 160 of the 192 seats in the city.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced that the city of Hoshangabad in the state would be renamed Narmadapuram and that a proposal would be sent to the Center, PTI reported.

About 70,000 crore yen of the 1.35 crore lakh capital allocation in the defense budget would go to domestic acquisitions, and a second negative list of items that services could only obtain locally would be published, the minister of defense said Rajnath Singh.

The All India Carriers Welfare Association (AITWA) called for the abolition of the new E-Way bill or the removal of certain rules and, in support of their request, decided to support the Bharat Bandh appeal launched by the Confederation of Traders of India (CAIT) on February 26 against the GST.

Anjali Bharadwaj, an Indian social activist working on transparency and accountability issues, is one of 12 “brave” people nominated by the Biden administration for the new International Anti-Corruption Champions Award.

  • According to the State Department, Bharadwaj, 48, has been an active member of the right to information movement in India for more than two decades.
Judiciary FAQ’s Download

Judiciary FAQ’s Download

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The Center agrees to reinstate Justice Cheema as Acting President of the NCLAT after the Supreme Court threatened to suspend…
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Daily NEWS Summary | 15-09-2021

Daily NEWS Summary | 15-09-2021

Supreme Court gives government two weeks to appoint all courts, accuses Center of cherry picking Daily NEWS Summary | 15-09-2021;…
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Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021
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Weekly NEWS Summary | 19-25 Feb 2021
Weekly NEWS Summary for the purpose of current affair section preparation, helpful indeed for competitive examination aspirants.

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