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Daily NEWS Summary | 03-06-2021

Every journalist entitled to protection under Kedarnath’s 1962 conviction, says SC, quashing sedition case against Vinod Dua

Daily NEWS Summary | 03-06-2021; On Thursday, Supreme Court overturned a registered sedition case against senior journalist and award-winner Padma Shri Vinod Dua for his critical comments on the Prime Minister and the Union government on a YouTube show.

  • Further the Court also highlighted his 59-year-old verdict that the ruling regime’s “strong words” of disapproval do not constitute sedition.
  • A bench run by U.U. Lalit defended the right of any journalist to criticize, however bluntly, government measures aimed at improving or modifying them by legal means. A journalist’s freedom of expression must be protected against charges of sedition.

“to comment in strong terms on the measures or actions of the government, or its agencies, in order to to improve the condition of persons or to seek the annulment or modification of these acts or measures by lawful means, that is to say without arousing feelings of enmity and disloyalty which involve excitement to disorder public or the use of violence is not sedition ”.

Justice Lalit’s Court ruling upheld the spirit and intent of his 1962 Kedar Nath Singh ruling, which stated that
  • “Every journalist has the right to protection under Kedar Nath Singh’s sentence,” Judge Lalit said. The 1962 ruling stated that section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (sedition) was intended only to punish the subversion of a legally established government by violent means.
  • The court accepted the claim of Dua, who is currently recovering from Covid-19, that “there is a recent trend against the media where state governments that do not find a particular show synchronized with their political ideologies are recording FIRs. against individuals in the media mainly to harass and intimidate them into succumbing to the state line or confronting the music at the hands of the police ”.
  • The decision dealt a severe blow to the government, which even raised the question of whether journalism itself could legally be considered a profession. The government had said that a “professional” was someone who had a relationship with a client.
  • Thursday’s verdict could mean a court dismissal of the indiscriminate number of sedition cases brought against critical journalists, citizens, lawyers and activists. Recently, another Supreme Court court, in a separate case over sedition charges brought against two Telugu channels by the Andhra government, said it was time to define the limits of the sedition law.
  • The complaint against Dua was filed by a BJP leader. In addition to sedition, other charges included public nuisance, printing libelous material, and statements injurious to the public.

Kerala Retains First Place in Niti Aayog’s 2020 Sustainable Development Goals Index

Launching of SDG-India Index 2020

Daily NEWS Summary | 03-06-2021: In 2020, India saw a significant drop in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to industry, innovation and infrastructure, as well as decent work and economic growth, according to the 2020 NITI Aayog SDG index.

  • Kerala maintained its position at the top of the index’s third edition ranking, scoring 75, followed by Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh, both scoring 72.
  • At the other end of the scale, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam fared the worst. state. However, all states showed some improvement from last year’s scores, with Mizoram and Haryana posting the biggest gains.
  • Developed through a global consultative process on comprehensive development, the 17 SDGs have a 2030 deadline.
  • NITI Aayog launched its index in 2018 to track the country’s progress towards the goals through a data-driven assessment and foster a spirit of of competition between the States and the territories of the Union to reach them.
  • In March, a UN assessment on the impact of COVID-19 on the SDGs indicated that the region of which India is a part could experience increased inequalities due to the pandemic.
  • NITI Aayog index shows some improvement in the SDG on inequalities, but a review of the indicators used to assess this goal shows that the think tank has changed the goals.
  • In 2019, the inequality indicators included growth rates of per capita household spending among the poorest 40% of rural and urban populations, as well as the Gini coefficient, a measure of income distribution, in rural and urban India. The 2018 indicators included the Palma ratio, another measure of income inequality.
  • These economic measures were omitted from the indicators used for this SDG in the 2020 edition of the NITI Aayog Index.
  • Instead, it gives more weight to social equality indicators, such as the percentage of women and SC / ST representatives in state legislatures and panchayati raj institutions, and levels of crime against SC / ST communities.
  • The only economic indicator for this year is the percentage of the population in the lowest two wealth quintiles.
  • The SDGs that directly address wages and industrial growth better reflect the fact that India’s economy has been affected in the past year.
  • The country’s industry and infrastructure SDG score fell 10 points to 55, while the decent work score fell three points to 61.
  • The clean water and sanitation SDG also saw a five-point drop, despite the programs flagship governments in this sector.

“We can no longer push back”, says Tokyo 2020 boss

Daily NEWS Summary | 03-06-2021; The head of the organizing committee for the Japan Olympics ruled out another suspension of the Games on Thursday, despite deep concern over the prospect of thousands of athletes and officials arriving in a fourth wave of Covid infections. 19.

  • Already postponed from last year at a cost of an additional $ 3.5 billion, a scaled-down version of the Games, without foreign spectators, is set to begin on July 23.
  • But with a slow launch of the vaccine, Tokyo and nine other regions in a state of emergency and a growing number of severe cases of the coronavirus, most Japanese people are opposed to hosting the Olympics.
  • Most of the city’s city hall, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, agrees, the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper reported on Thursday.
  • Illustrating public anxiety, residents of a training venue, the town of Ota, were furious at the decision to give preferential vaccinations to staff serving visiting Australian softball players, media also said.
  • However, the president of the organizing committee, Seiko Hashimoto, countered the sadness and told the Nikkan Sports newspaper: “We cannot postpone again.”
  • Hashimoto, who has competed in seven summer and winter Olympics as a cyclist and skater, also told the BBC that while the Japanese were understandably worried, they should be sure that a “bubble situation” was carefully constructed.
  • Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga also appeared confident in the success of the Olympics and Paralympics, as he plans an early vote afterwards, the Asahi newspaper said.
  • Authorities have not decided whether Japanese spectators will be able to attend the Olympic events. There is a fear that screaming, hugging and flashing could promote contagion.
  • While avoiding rates in some other countries, severe cases of Covid-19 are on the rise in Japan, where the number of infections stands at nearly 750,000, with more than 13,000 deaths.
  • The country’s top medical adviser said on Thursday that public health guidelines, including his own, did not reach the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in charge of the event.

Glad you canceled the board exams, send the evaluation criteria within 2 weeks, says SC in the middle

Daily NEWS Summary | 03-06-2021; Supreme Court said Thursday that it was happy that the government decided to cancel the Class XII exams and gave the CBSE and ICSE two weeks to record the objective criteria they intend to use to assess student performance.

“We are glad that you have decided in principle to cancel the examination … but what are the objective standards [for the assessment] … It is not specified here in this letter,”

Judge AM Khanwilkar, chief judge of the judiciary, asked the Prosecutor General KK Venugopal, who appeared at the Center.
  • Venugopal said the criteria-setting process could take “little time” and asked the court to discard the petition filed by a lawyer, Mamta Sharma anyway. The prayer made in the petition was answered with the cancellation of the exams.
  • Judge Khanwilkar, however, said the applicants would want to go to court once the government records the evaluation standards. “Both parties can have problems with objective criteria …”, he said.
  • “Any problem, file a claim,” Venugopal responded.
  • Judge Khanwilkar said the court would prefer to keep the petition pending until objective criteria are also considered. Initially, the government suggested submitting the rules in four weeks, but the court insisted on two weeks.
  • “The students are worried… Many students want to go out to continue their studies. It requires an urgent decision. Let the people involved interact on a daily basis, ”said Judge Khanwilkar.
  • Judge Dinesh Maheshwari, the other bench judge, also asked why the government needed two weeks, as objective assessment criteria were also notified last year when the Council’s reviews were also canceled due to the pandemic.
  • The ICSE, represented by attorney J.K. Das, urged the court to give more time, at least three weeks, to prepare the evaluation criteria.
  • “If you want to do it [finalize the objective criteria], you can do it overnight… Now everything can be done by videoconference… Don’t haggle over time like that… Don’t force us to pass addresses. Do it yourself, ”Judge Khanwilkar told Das.

The Ministry of Labor creates a panel to set minimum wages

Daily NEWS Summary | 03-06-2021; The union’s Ministry of Labor and Employment said on Thursday it had set up a panel of experts to set national minimum wages and minimum wages. The ministry said it had issued an order to set up the group to “provide technical input and recommendations” on the two issues.

  • The group, created for three years, would be chaired by Professor Ajit Mishra, director of the Institute for Economic Growth. Calcutta Indian Institute of Management Prof. Tarika Chakraborty, National Council for Applied Economic Research Professor Anushree Sinha, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Vibha Bhalla, and V.V. Director General of the National Institute of Labor Giri, H. Srinivas, would be members. Senior Advisor to the Ministry, D.P.S. Negi would be the secretary member, he said.
  • The decision is part of the implementation of the Wage Code Center, 2019, which demands a statutory minimum wage at the national level.

Covid Updates

Daily NEWS Summary | 03-06-2021; The number of coronavirus cases reported in India was 2,84,775,635 at the time of publication of this bulletin, with a death toll of 3,38,527.

  • India in talks with foreign vaccine makers for ‘local manufacture’, says Foreign Minister: India was in talks to allow major foreign vaccine manufacturers to “manufacture locally,” Foreign Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla said Thursday.
  • Speaking to the WHO Regional Forum of Southeast Asian Health Partners, he said India was battling an “exceptionally severe second wave” of the pandemic. India has called for access to the raw materials needed for the production of vaccines to be facilitated.
  • Shringla said MEA officials are working to “alleviate regulatory disruptions in these supply chains.”
  • India would develop the “global capacity” necessary to fight the pandemic. “There are a number of serious global conversations about this on platforms like the G7, G20, QUAD, BRICS, the United Nations and the WTO itself,” they added.

The Serum Institute of India (SII) has applied to the Comptroller General of Medicines of India (DCGI) for permission to obtain a trial license to manufacture the Covid-19 Sputnik V vaccine in the country, officials said on Thursday.

  • The Pune-based company has also applied for a trial license for the scan and review. The Russian Sputnik V vaccine is currently being manufactured in India by Dr Reddy’s labs.

Lawmaker Bholath Sukhpal Singh Khaira and two AAP MLA rebels, Jagdev Singh Kamalu and Pirmal Singh Khalsa, joined Congress on Thursday. Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh welcomed the three lawmakers into the party’s fold.

  • After leaving Congress, Khaira joined the AAP in December 2015. He was elected to the assembly seat of Bholath in 2017 on the AAP list.
  • The chief minister summoned the three lawmakers before heading to Delhi for a meeting with the three-member panel formed to resolve internal struggles in the unity of the Punjab Congress.

After a two-day delay, the southwest monsoon began in Kerala on Thursday, marking the start of the country’s four-month rainy season, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

  • The normal start date of the southwest monsoon over Kerala is June 1. Now it is likely to advance to the remaining parts of Kerala, Lakshadweep, parts of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, the coast and interior of southern Karnataka, Rayalaseema, and the southern and central Bay of Bengal for the next two days, IMD said.
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Judiciary FAQ’s Download

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Daily NEWS Summary | 03-06-2021
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