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Daily NEWS Summary: 01.07.2020

Should e-commerce sites indicate the country of origin?

Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked for responses from the Center and major e-commerce companies, including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Nykaa and others, in a request for an indication of the country of manufacture of the products sold on their websites .

  • A bench of of the high Court of justice D.N. Patel and judge Prateek Jalan also asked the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to respond to the request made by the lawyer Amit Shukla. SC released the file for a new hearing on July 22.
  • Adv. Shukla said his request was synchronized with the government’s recent “Vocal for local” campaign to perform an “Atma Nirbhar” in Bharat.
  • He said that “the citizens of the country, especially in view of border tensions and the aggression of the neighbor, intend not to buy products from the neighbor (Republic of China)”.
  • The petition claims that the national economy would suffer if the e-commerce websites did not mention the country of origin of the products on their websites. He said several e-commerce entities do not mention the country of origin of the products they sell.
  • Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said India would not allow Chinese companies to participate in road projects, including those involving joint ventures. Gadakri also said the government will ensure that Chinese investors do not linger in critical sectors for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).
  • As the ban on 59 Chinese mobile apps approaches, the move appears to be another step towards a partial economic blockade. Regarding existing and future offers, Gadkari said it would make a new offer for Chinese joint ventures.
  • California regulators sued Cisco Systems Inc. on Tuesday, accusing him of discriminating against an Indo-American employee and allowing him to be harassed by two managers because he belonged to an Indian caste inferior to them.
  • Reuters reports that, although US employment does not specifically prohibit caste-based discrimination, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing argued in the lawsuit that the persistent caste system of Hindu religion is founded in protected classes like religion.
  • The trial, filed before the federal court in San José, did not name the alleged victim. The court claims that the victim has been a senior engineer at Cisco headquarters in San José since October 2015 and that he was Dalit.
  • Former Cisco engineering officials Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella, the accused in the trial, were charged with harassment and attempts to impose the caste hierarchy.

The number of coronavirus cases in the country was 6.03,533, with a death toll of 17,831. India recorded the largest one-day increase in coronavirus deaths on Wednesday, with 507 new casualties reported.

  • The Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh Mandal, which installs Mumbai’s most famous Ganpati idol, has announced the cancellation of Ganesh Chaturthi’s celebration this year due to the pandemic, the first time this has happened in 84 years d ‘history.
  • In the third round of talks between at the corps commander level, the two sides stressed the need for “progressive, gradual and gradual reduction first” to reduce tensions along the line of current control (LAC) in Ladakh.
  • Six people died and 16 were injured, including 11 in critical condition, after the explosion of a boiler in unit V of thermal power plant II, at NLC India Ltd (NLCIL) in Neyveli on Wednesday. Contract workers and permanent staff were active in the 210 MW unit at the time of the accident. The explosion occurred around 10 a.m. This is the second TPS-II accident. It should be recalled that five people, two of whom were permanent, died in the explosion of a boiler in Unit VI on May 7.
  • Boris Johnson denounced the new security which was adopted in Hong Kong as a violation of the Chinese treaty with Great Britain.
  • The Commons will introduce a new five-year visa regime which could pave the way for British citizenship for up to 2.9 million Hong Kong citizens with British national status (abroad).
  • Affirming that the new security imposed by China violates the autonomy of Hong Kong and threatens the freedoms and rights protected by the Sino-British joint declaration, Johnson said that if China contiued on this path, so “we would introduce a new path to British nationals (abroad) to enter the UK, granting it.
  • Shortly after the ban on 59 Chinese apps went into effect, Prime Minister Narendra Modi left the Chinese social media platform Weibo. His account went blank on Wednesday after his photo, messages and comments were removed from the identifier.
  • Goods and services tax (GST) revenue for the April to June quarter totaled Rs. 1.86 crore lakh, a decrease of 41% compared to Rs. 3.14 lakh crore raised at the same time last year. Revenue plummeted during the foreclosure, but showed a recovery in June, according to data from the Ministry of Finance.
  • Shashank Manohar will resign as the first independent president of the International Cricket Council after his term ends on Wednesday. According to a press release sent by the ICC, Vice President Imran Khwaja will assume the interim presidency until the electoral process is underway.
  • A CRPF jawan died and three others were wounded in a militant attack in the Sopore region of northern Kashmir on Wednesday, a CRPF official said. An official said a civilian was also killed in the attack. Security sources said militants opened fire indiscriminately on a CRPF patrol in the Model Town area of ​​Sopore in the morning. A three-year-old boy was also rescued during the attack.
  • Patanjali Ayurved Chief and yoga guru Ramdev, said there were no AYUSH ministry restrictions on the sale of Coronil, a drug the company had recently launched as a drug for Covid-19. However, Patanjali now calls it an “immunity booster”. The Department of the Union has confirmed that Patanjali can sell the product but not as a remedy for Cov

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