22nd January 2022

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Daily NEWS Summary

In today’s main news, there are finally signs that the confrontation on the border with China is coming to some kind of result. Troops from the two countries have begun the partial withdrawal of some of the separation points along the current line of control (FTA) in eastern Ladakh, as defense sources said today.

The main general level talks are scheduled for tomorrow, where further steps will be discussed. Partial deinduction has occurred in parts of the Galwan area and in the Hot Springs area. The Chinese side has removed some tents and some soldiers and vehicles have been repatriated, as sources said.

This comes a few days after talks at the military commander’s level on June 6 to end tensions. The area of ​​finger 4 in Pangong Tso is a controversial area and will take some time to resolve, sources say, this will likely be taken at the lieutenant general level at a later stage if necessary.

Covid-19’s containment strategy

With the opening of much of the country, Covid-19’s containment strategy appears to focus on pockets with the highest case load and maximum case. The Ministry of Health has deployed high-level multidisciplinary central teams in 50 districts / municipal agencies to provide technical support and facilitate management of the epidemic. A State-wise break-up of where these districts/municipal bodies fall:

  • Maharashtra (seven districts/municipalities),
  • Telangana (four),
  • Tamil Nadu (seven),
  • Rajasthan (five),
  • Assam (six),
  • Haryana (four),
  • Gujarat (three),
  • Karnataka (four),
  • Uttarakhand (three),
  • Madhya Pradesh (five),
  • West Bengal (three),
  • Delhi (three),
  • Bihar (four),
  • Uttar Pradesh (four) and
  • Odisha (five).

The Health Ministry today said that these teams would help the State/UT authorities to address challenges such as testing bottlenecks, low tests/per million population, high confirmation rates, high testing confirmation rate, risk of capacity shortfall over the next two months, potential bed shortage, growing cases fatality rate, high doubling rate, and sudden spike in active cases.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ordered the government to withdraw the filed complaints or criminal measures against migrant workers who violated the national closure and made their way on foot to reach their native villages.

“Drop all complaints against migrant workers under the Disaster Management Act of 2005,”

an SC bench led by Ashok Bhushan said in a directive.

The court ordered the Railways to provide the States with an additional 171 Shramik Special trains to transport migrant workers. It ordered the States and Territories of the Union to complete their transportation within the next 15 days.

In addition, the Bank also ordered that counseling centers be established to explain to migrant workers the various framework schemes for their rehabilitation and employment. He added that States and Union Territories should carry out an extensive mapping of workers’ skills at the village and block levels.

The number of coronavirus cases in India had risen to 2,73,888, and the death toll stood at 7,681. Our data team here compares the effectiveness of India’s Covid-19 lockdown with that of other countries.

Massive fire broke out in Baghjan oil well

A large-scale fire ravaged the now damaged Baghjan oil well, which has been spitting uncontrolled gas for 14 days in the Tinsukia district of Assam, official sources said.

The Assam Oil India Limited oil well fire is so large that it can be seen more than 2 km away, eyewitnesses said. Three experts from the Singaporean firm Alert Disaster Control were at the site of the explosion and some equipment was removed when the fire broke out in the afternoon.

The head of the World Health Organisation has warned that the coronavirus pandemic is worsening globally. While the situation in Europe is improving, cases are surging elsewhere. At a press briefing on Monday, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus noted that about 75% of the cases reported to WHO on Sunday came from ten countries in the Americas and South Asia.

The President of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza (55) has died of a heart attack. A government statement said that he was admitted to hospital on Saturday after feeling unwell. Nkurunziza had been in power since 2005.

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