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Daily NEWS Summary: 11.06.2020

The number of coronavirus cases in India increased to 2.93,549, with 8,330 deaths. Despite the daily number of new cases regularly reaching 10,000, the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) continues to insist that India does not have community transmission of Covid-19 and that the prevalence of the disease is very weak.

As ICMR said prevalence is too low in our country, less than 1%. In urban areas, it is slightly higher, and it is slightly higher in containment areas. We are certainly not in the community broadcast.

It is just a term. The ICMR has also released details of the first serological survey in India, where blood samples are taken from the general population and antibodies that the body may have produced in response to Covid-19 are analyzed. According to the survey, only 0.73% showed a prevalence of the virus, indicating the success of isolation throughout the country.

The Department of Human Resources today launched the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) for Indian universities, a day after QS World University Rankings showed that the best in India, including the IISc and the Most IITs fell on the world maps.

The Department of Human Resources Development launched NIRF in 2016. This year’s results will be announced in April, but the Covid crisis has delayed it. IIT Madras has become the best overall institution in the ranking.

Speaking at the annual plenary of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) via video-conferencing, he said it was time to “pull the Indian economy out of the ‘command and control’ mode and take it to a ‘plug and play’ mode.”

In an effort to reduce the spread of harmful fake content and promote meaningful discussion on the platform, Twitter announced a new feature that would encourage users to think before retweeting unread articles. If a user decides to retweet an unopened article and read the link, Twitter would invite them to read it before sharing it.

Reuters reports that US company Moderna Inc. has confirmed its intention to begin testing its highly anticipated coronavirus vaccine on 30,000 volunteers in July, as the company enters the final stages of testing.

Madras High Court on Thursday asked why a full lockdown could not be implemented for a while in Chennai. Court  raised the issue while observing that the pandemic situation in the city and its suburbs was alarming. Despite the measures taken by the Tamil Nadu government to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the number of cases “is increasing sharply and the situation has become alarming,” noted the Bench.

On Thursday, the government of Karnataka decided to extend the ban on virtual lessons for students up to class 7. A cabinet meeting chaired by chief minister BS Yediyurappa took the decision following parents’ complaints against schools private companies organizing several hours of online lessons. The Department of Primary and Secondary Education has also received a number of complaints against conducting online courses for students.

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