22nd April 2021

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Concern of Indian economy getting sick amidst worry of saving lives: An analysis by Hemesh Choudhary

COVID-19 means coronavirus infection has taken the form of global epidemic today, according to the data from World Health Organization, more than 1.5 million people have been infected with this virus worldwide. Out of these, more than 1 lac people have succumbed to this epidemic. It originated from the city of Wuhan in China, but this transition has brought large and small countries into its limelight without any discrimination. Obviously, India is also vulnerable to this virus at this time. The rate of its infection in India is steadily increasing. So far, 7,447 people have been confirmed infected, out of which 239 people have lost their lives.

Virtual Image: COVID – 19

Today, 1,700,38 patients have been identified in 148 countries of all continents except Antarctica. Rich or poor, the activities of about 400 million people have been put on break. They are forcibly placed in isolation. Traveling to other countries is being banned; In this fight against the epidemic, it is called the containment stage i.e. the stage of stopping the spread of the disease. However, it seems that COVID-19 infection has already passed through our hands. The number of patients outside China has increased 15-fold since February.


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